10 ways of battling depression

Depression breaks you... you lose control on yourself... Be it lack of family support or due to self fear of seeking help, you will always delay getting treatment.

Here are 10 ways of battling depression, and protecting from its mind destroying effects -

1. Happy Food

Clinical Depression affects the brain appetite centre... so you either tend to eat more or lose appetite.
Most people eat high carbohydrate or high fatty food.

You should include nuts, berries, dark chocolates, tomatoes, spinach, coconut, honey, whole grains, etc to pep up your mood.
These foods can increase your endorphin levels which can make you happy.

2. Quit or control smoking

Most people smoke to relieve stress and depression... but they don't realize that it further depresses their mind, creating more fear.

The 2hrly withdrawal effects of nicotine, when coupled with already present stress or depression increases extreme negative thinking.

This is like a psychological trap, where smoking isn't a cure but a way to increase your depression.

3. Exercise

Researchers found patients who exercised an hour and a half to two hours per week had slightly lower depression scores.

4. Avoid junk food

Studies have shown that people whose diets include fried foods, processed meats, desserts and high-fat dairy have a higher chance of showing signs of depression.

The high salt, sugar, fat content of junk food is known to play with blood circulation creating lack of the same in the brain.. leading to decreased brain functioning.
Besides bringing depression, junk food also makes you irritable and aggressive.

5. Avoid late night and TV sessions

Sitting in front of a computer or TV screen late into the night or leaving it on when you fall asleep could increase your chances of becoming depressed.

6. Get sunlight

Lack of sunlight exposure is one of the main reasons for depression to increase... Go out early morning and get some sunlight exposure.. a walk in the park listening to your favorite music is one of the most powerful anti-depressant activities you can indulge in.

7. Surround yourself with positive people

Isolating yourself will make you gloomier and decrease your appeal.

Enjoy the company of positive, energetic people as this will make you feel better.

If you don't have friends, join a gym, a music class or a make friends with positive people online.

8. Mind control - you can stop that Negative thinking

Depression can make you to a world of too much negativity.

It's hard to stay off it, but try and replace it with more balanced thoughts.

Discipline your life -
clean environment,
eating on specific times,
reading positive psychological quotes,
decreasing your ego,
loving yourself,
mindful meditation
tantra meditation

are all very powerful brain controling ways.

9. Avoid sad songs

When you are depressed, it is a normal tendency to listen to sad songs.

Avoid it. This will just make it hard for you to forget what wrong happened to you, because when we are upset we don't enjoy the music we tend to evaluate the lyrics.

More often the lyrics just match our lives, which make us burst into tears. Listen to happier music and you'll find your day's getting brighter.

10. Avoid alcohol and drugs

You may be tempted to drink or take a drug to escape the misery.
Alcohol is a depressant, it decreases mind performance, bringing negative thoughts to the conscious. Making you lose control over those negative thoughts, and giving them a manifestation.

Alcohol increases suicidal thoughts and leave you addicted to it later in life.

by -

Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS, DPM, MD(mindmantra))

(Psychiatrist, Motivational Writer and Counselor)

email – eksoch@gmail.com
website – www.mindmantra.in

clinic address- 15, shreeji plaza, next to ice n spice restaurant, opposite seawoods station, seawoods (east), Navi Mumbai

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