praveen babi - death by schizophrenia

Imagine a Bollywood superstar, who epitomised the bold, the beautiful and the bohemian...
and then imagine her being handcuffed and ankle-cuffed and carried by four policemen from the JFK airport in New York to a mental hospital because she refused to go through the customary checks growing uncontrollably hysterical…
Parveen Babi The most exquisite face to have hit the Hindi screen in the ’70s suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, which triggered a systematic disintegration of her personality and life.
Psychiatrist have rationalized that it was a substance-induced psychosis coupled with inability to face failed relationships.
The demons in her mind never left her, and she kept running from them.
She fled to the USA to seek refuge in philosopher and guru UG Krishnamurthy.
The extent of her downfall came when she returned back to Mumbai in 1989, walked down the Mumbai airport holding a placard that read ‘Parveen Babi’.
She knew her longtime secretary Ved Sharma, who was there to receive her, wouldn’t be able to recognise her.
For she had become fat, her hair and skin all messed up, beyond recognition of the beauty which had earned her millions of admires, she was completely lost fighting the demons her mind.
She slowly started mistrusting her loyal secretary and workers.. She became suspicious... at one point she wouldn't let anyone xerox her documents, so she’d spend hours making handwritten copies of the voluminous documents writing out word to word, line to line.
Only a few people were allowed inside her residence, Parveen wouldn’t open the door for anyone else.
For groceries and essentials, she’d slip the money through the door and collect the milk and eggs once the delivery man had left.
Later Parveen even stopped eating cooked food, fearing it would be poisoned, says Lalit. “All she drank was the yellow of the egg; she’d whip it and make a juice.”
Her mistrust was so intense that she refused to be treated for her mental illness.
“She didn’t trust the doctors. Anyone who suggested she should see a psychiatrist became her enemy, even her mother!”
“She even believed that the January 26, 2001 earthquake in Kutch was planned because she had a water tank on the terrace and ‘they’ wanted to kill her by crushing it. If her car didn’t work, she’d believe that someone had deliberately tampered with it.”
it was impossible to have a normal conversation with her. - She had developed this weird habit of putting on a tape recorder when you visited her. She’d switch on the gadget.
The media informed on her demise on January 22, 2005 that reportedly, the police was alerted, as she had not collected milk and newspapers from her doorstep for the past three days. She had developed a complication due to her diabetic condition.
Finally, Parveen Wali Mohammed Khan Babi was buried next to her mother at Santa Cruz, Mumbai on January 23, 2005. But to all those who once knew her, she had died long ago.
(edited from a write up by farhana farook from idiva)

MIND MANTRA - schizophrenia is one of the most destructive disorders in entire medical science.
Its very different from MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER, because in schizophrenia leads to completely destroys a patient personality.
Classical signs -
1. increased suspiciousness
2. hallucination - hearing of voices or seeing things that are not there
3. not taking care of personal hygiene
4. complete social withdrawal
5. slowness in doing work
6. heightend fear
7. decreased emotional responses
Schizophrenia happens due to disturbed functioning of the brain chemical system (namely dopamine and serotonin)
Hence is a mental health condition, which requires immediate treatment.
Counseling or Alternate therapies only help once the "active phase" of the disorder is controlled through medications.

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