are you open-minded???

Tony is a student.. his performance in a week -
homework: A
classwork:  A
homework: A
classwork:  A
homework: A

Friday Test: F

How parents and society judge him as a student: F

We have become so tunnel visioned that One result, one exam, one test determines how we judge ourselves and judge others.

We talk about being Broad-minded... but we don't want to look at the whole of a persona...

its a delusion to call yourself broad-minded or open-minded if you cannot accept mistakes of others...
its an insult to call yourself broad-minded if you have different standards for yourself and for others.
its a mistake to call yourself broad-minded if you cannot give upon your need of perfection.

Accepting mistake is essential...accepting others for all their goods and bad is open-mindness...
accepting others and letting others be themself without judging them as childish, mature, intelligent or dumb is essential..

open-mindness is the only way success in life..
Its the only way in which you can keep moving ahead, motivated to achieve much more... motivated to improve on much more... motivated on learning much more.

Dr.Hemant Mittal (Psychiatrist, Counselor, motivational speaker/writer)
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