Teenage Pregnancy - The unborn Parents

Its time parents stop thinking - "this cannot happen with my girl".

Taking in consideration my own psychiatric practice and a lot of feedback I get after Sex education lectures I take for Parents/adolescents, every year there has been an exponential rise in parents and teenage girls coming with complains of "post traumatic stress" related to teenage pregnancy.

The Indian society is not accepting of such a phenomenon, and 100% cases land up in legal or illegal termination of pregnancy.

Under fear, most teenagers approach quacks, pharmacists and illegal gynaecologists on their own, which can further add to the emotional burden they face.

The termination of pregnancy leads to a chain reaction of hormones whereby both body and mind goes against self, resulting in -
very high depression
nervous breakdowns
sudden appetite loss
and even suicidal thoughts/attempts.

Main Reasons for rise in teenage pregnancy -

1. Peer pressure - Teenagers today are more sexually experimental than ever before.
Boys are using more and more "techniques" to sexually entice girls.
Media equates Romance, love and Sex as one.

Many teenagers feel left behind when their friends start to have boyfriends, or start having sex.
They automatically feel the need to experiment.

Talking about this topic isn't easy at home or with an adult.
Specially with Indian Parents and adults who love to think of their teenager as a "kid".

Very few parents openly talk to their girl childs about waiting for the right time and right person to have sex.

Normally mentioning the word sex is anxiety causing for most parents.

Its this shyness to talk, which leads the child to explore based on experiences of their friends.
Unfortunately most of their friends are also flowing in a sea of emotions, and seldom have the right knowledge.

Sometimes all the needed is a parent lovingly saying - "Don't just start having sex because other people are if you aren't ready to do it yourself."

2. Learning to say "No". -
India is a country where a child learns adjustments at a very young age.
Adjustments are done to develop acceptability.

Many a times parents don't teach their child the power of "NO".
They themselves discourage a child from learning how to "stand her own ground".

A child should always know that she has the right to deny anything she is uncomfortable with... Be it a boyfriend, physical contact or sex.

A parent is required who listens and supports the child while she takes this step.

3. Sex Education -
This is one topic I personally love. I have been taking lectures for teenagers and parents on this very topic since my MBBS days.
In 10yrs time, its surprising but still the same taboos exist.

Parents "outsource" Sex education to school and colleges.
While most school and colleges make it so boring and inaccessible, that its a lecture full of giggling and taunting.

Its time you teach your teenage child what sex is.
And if yourself don't know, consult a good psychologist/psychiatrist who will do it for you.

Its time to remove the myths from the childs mind.
Its time to openly talk about penis, vagina, sperms and ovum.
Its time to openly talk about safe sex and unprotected sex.
Its time to openly talk about HIV/Sexually transmitted diseases.

4. Teach your child about contraception -
She might not use it, but she can prevent someone else from getting pregnant.

At the very basic teach them about use of Condoms.

Its really surprising, but a few weeks ago I was taking a lecture on Sex Education for 17-18yr old teenagers.
100% of them knew what condom was.
not more than 30% knew how to actually use one properly.
They had different myths and stories about the same.

5. Be OPEN to be shocked - Your girl child will probably experiment with sex in some way or the other.
You can be a watchdog and keep an eye on her till a certain age, after that she will experiment.

Be open to talk to her.
If she is shy on talking to you, let her email you or sms you.
take her out for a lunch/dinner and talk very calmly about it.

The more angry you will get, the more chance of you creating further damage.

6. There is nothing called chance -
I have kids who believe in the myth that 1st chance when we have sex is safe.
There is nothing called chance.

There are many kids who "take chance with contraception".

7. The internet is not GOD -
One of the most common stupidities done is to search the internet for "abortion" methods.

Teenagers feel thats one way of "stamping their adulthood".

Many flaunt the ways of using OC pills leads to extreme side effects.

Unfortunately in many cases it leads to incomplete abortions or other side-effects

Consulting professional qualified gynaecologist and psychiatrists is essential.

8. Missing Periods - Many girls keep quiet on missing their periods.
They are so fearful and discuss it with their friends only.

Its important a parent is informed as soon as possible.
There are many reasons for missing periods.. Its not always pregnancy... But proper treatment in time, and save from future complications.

9. Abortion is glorified -
Most teenage pregnancy land up abortions.

On a personal note, killing of the products of conception is really a criminal because its preventable if proper protection is used.

Sex has been sadly glorified thanks to the taboo attached...
Abortion has been glorified thanks to the fear attached...

Prevention is always the best cure.

written by -

Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS, DPM, MD(mindmantra))
(Psychiatrist, Motivational Writer and Counselor)

email – eksoch@gmail.com
website – www.mindmantra.in

clinic address- 15, shreeji plaza, next to ice n spice restaurant, opposite seawoods station, seawoods (east)
Navi Mumbai

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