Compulsive Talking disorder - Excessive Talking - A hidden sign of mental restlessness

You must have encountered individuals who speak more than others do.

But then there are those who speak excessively more than others. You instantly notice that their talking is not normal.

Few characteristics

1. The volume, speed and duration of their talk is always on the higher side.

2. Listener is perplexed, because he feels excluded and insignificant in the conversation. Its more of a one-sided monologue.

3. The talker frames the questions and answers them.

4. The talker might exhibit sudden mood swings while talking.

5. The talker might show excess fidgetiness and hyperactivity.

Why does this happen?
There are 4 main reasons for excessive talking -

1. Anxiety or mental restlessness is the most common cause. The individual is anxious to maintain contact and maintain a certain "ego level" in the conversation.
He/she becomes uncomfortable with pauses.

2. Insecurity also may lead the compulsive talker to demand the uninterrupted attention of another. Hence he/she keeps talking and judging the others level of attention.

3. ADHD - Attention deficit Hyperactivity disorder in adults leads to extreme talking.

4. Bipolar Disorder - both poles of bipolar disorder can manifest as

In the presence of an incessant talker,

1. Understand that the reason what makes an individual talk so much.

2. Most people as a defense mechanism to escape the barrage of words, always agree and approve with the talker. our agreement and approval.
This is wrong because it reinforces habit to talk more.

3. If you really want to help someone with the problem of talking, then he/she has to be confronted about their anxiety and insecurity.

4. Most people try to "counsel" such cases, resulting in unwanted use of words that create negativity and anger in the talker.

5. Its important to guide the talker, and help them visit a proper counselor or psychiatrist.
This isn't madness but its a brain psychological reaction that needs to be controlled.

written by -

Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS, DPM, MD(mindmantra))
(Psychiatrist, Motivational Writer and Counselor)

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