Exam Results leading to Severe Psychological Shock - symptoms and cure

Not getting expected Marks or grades in an exam is one of the major causes of Clinical Depression, restlessness and suicides in India.

As a society we place too much onus on results.
When a child gets less than expected results, his mind suffers a psychological shock.
This shock is further increased if parents and teachers shout, punish or taunt the kid.

In cases of major results like 10,12, competitive exams, the more intelligent or sensitive a child, the higher his/her chances to suffer from severe psychological shock.

The Symptoms in such case are -

1. Mind goes blank - feeling lost.
2. Detachment feeling from parents/surroundings.
3. Environment seems strange or unreal
4. Unreal thoughts or emotions start coming in the mind - excessive fear,
feeling he/she is a failure,
feeling he/she has destroyed parents reputation,
feeling he/she has not a good person
feeling he/she will lead a pathetic life ahead.

5. The mind keeps repeating memories of the result, or of the taunt/punishment given by parents/teachers.

6. Restless mind leads to Extreme irritation or mood swings
7. Extreme anger or behavioral abnormality
8. Difficulty concentrating on small things
9. Tense look on face and body.
10. inability to stop moving or sit still
11. detachment, restlessness and anger - lead to thoughts of running away from home,
drinking or smoking excessively,
thoughts of ending life.

Anyone having more than 7 of the above should be treated as an emergency -

1. immediate psychiatric evaluation to determine specific needs
2. love, care and non-aggressive environment.
3. medications - to decrease the extremely high mental restlessness.
4. professional counselling to help one cope with failure.


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