#SRK is the second richest actor in the world.

You might like or hate #Shahrukh Khan.. but you cannot deny that he is extremely wealthy.

SRK is an amazing example on how to make money. If you are ready to look at this life with love and as a great teaching.. you might end up understanding a lot of things that are stopping you from being rich.

As a psychiatrist when I analyse SRK capacity to make money, there are 9 personality traits of his.. which probably most people never follow -

1. Basic law of Business - Revenue (sales or gross pay) minus cost (expenses) = profit
Invest Every cent - SRK went from sleeping in the bench and borrowing 100 rupees from his friend to having 600 million dollars.

Every cent of his money is an investment for him. He invests it.. be it gifting cars to people or making a movie.. his sees every cent spent as an investment.. and what he can get out it..

2. Never lose sight - If you want to make money, make sure your mind thinks and your body breathes money.
you can attract money only when you desire it.. Most people desire the perks that come with money.. desire money.
If you watch his early interviews SRK was dead honest. He never said he wanted to do art movies.. he always said, he was here to make a good living.

3. Treat your money as a lover who can run away any moment -
SRK started by living in a small apartment and owing a small car. He was open about what he owned and never was shy from accepting he had what he could afford.
Be it his first BMW or his first house.. all his interviews he always said "now i can afford it.. so i will buy it."
He didn't go on splurging money.. he knew money is a lover that can run away any moment.

4. Never let your appetite to make money go away.
Cause the moment you get complacent, money will just start draining away.

5. Work with those who share your hunger to make money -
Be it Aditya chopra who gave SRK DDLJ or be it Karan Johar.. both directors started their careers with SRK..
They both had the same hunger to make money.
Don't work with those who spend half their time conceptualising and thinking... for they will just come out with new ideas.
work with those who are ready to jump into uncertainty and are sure of becoming a winner.

6. Persistence should be your second name -
The easiest thing is to quit. Most people do.
Setback and failures are always going to hit you. Never give up.
SRK went through a really bad patch.. when his movies were nothing better than b-grade entertainment.
He stuck with the industry.. he kept working.

7. Making money is impossible if you delude yourself. -
Of the many people I meet suffering from emotional problems due to financial losses.. majority have a delusion - their work is either to menial for them.. or they keep dreaming of the day they'll be at big position.
Remember no work is less.. and till its making you money.. do it.
I remember SRK was severely criticised for dancing in wedding and attending store openings.. Today every star follows his foot steps..

SRK was visionary.. he knew that making money meant everything to him.. so even dancing in a wedding meant making good money.

He did it.. every drop counted.. .and today its an ocean.

8. Risk where you can -
Do take risks when you can.
SRK invested in KKR.. today they are a force in the IPL
SRK invested in Ra.1 - even a flop, today people love its special effects.
Do risk in your capacity.. Don't risk your entire income.. always look at investing probably 10-15% of your income..
No amount of investment is small.. and every investment is a learning.

9. Understand life is unfair. -
Yes, it’s true. You may be better worker.. a better thinker.. a better person than the guy next door.. But he makes all the money.
Money needs you to walk that extra-mile.
Be honest.. but don't be a fool.
Be good.. but don't sacrifice.




written by -
Dr.Hemant Mittal
(Psychiatrist, Motivational Writer and Counselor)
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