Man and their obsessions for Cars?

I have a lot of friends who are obsessed with cars and bikes.
From the tyres to the head-lamps anything can give them a "mini orgasm".

Lately one of my punjabi friends was showing off his brand new car. He really got annoyed when some people in the group didn't show the "respect" it deserved.

Its not that women don't love cars.. but in general they aren't so madly obsessed about it as men are.

Why is that Men won't think twice before spending a fortune on their cars??

In men's psychology - a car can signify passion, renewed youth, vigour, and above all a sense of control.

A car-and-driver have an amazing bond, were speed limits, scratches, turning radius, all go down to mean love.

A man who can never remember to tidy up his room, be careless in the use of words in public or don't care for others emotions.. will be a transformed personality when it comes to getting his car/cars checked, painted or repaired.

He might not know what the prices of vegetables and food is.. but he can easily tell you about all the cars, their price range and models.

Its surprising that many men cannot identify the needs of their own child, but can instantly identify what oil or repairs their car needs.

Sigmund Freudian wasn't wrong when he called a men's devotion to cars as an act that satisfied their automatic erection fantasies.
In other words, The car is one female thing that a man can get inside of whenever he wants and it will provide unfailing evidence of his potency in social, financial and physical terms.

This can further simplified to the fact that a car gives a man's conditional love a complete expression. He is in total control, gets social recognition and will never be questioned for his motives.

- Dr.Hemant Mittal

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