#Monsoon Related #Depression Hits #Mumbai HARD

Over the last few days my clinic has been flooded with patients who have suddenly developed clinical levels depression within the last 2 weeks.

How is it possible, that a perfectly #normal person is suddenly hit by lows that destroy his #confidence and decreases his levels of happiness?

The answer lies in the #weather... Its the #monsoon thats causing it.

How does the Monsoon cause depression?
In psychiatric medicine its called Seasonal Affective Disorder. Clinical research has found the causes of the same to be -
a. Decrease in sunlight of decreases production of brain activating chemicals.

b. Decrease in Body Temperature – leads the body into “conservation mode”. Body heat is automatically maintained by shutting down some essential brain and body processes.

c. Genetic – In case of a family member having had clinical depression or committing suicide, there is a possibility of a "dormant gene" being activated by the monsoon.

What are the symptoms?
8 or more of the following symptoms -

1. Unexplained Sadness present for most part of the day
2. lack of interest in doing any pleasurable activity - a person starts avoiding activities like going out with friends, spending time with partner or even the need for sex.
3. Increase in appetite, which one knows is not normal but cannot control the same.
4. Feeling extremely lethargic and no energy to perform otherwise simple tasks.
5. Inability to concentrate leading to memory and attention problems.
6. Prominent negative thinking.
7. Easily irritable and angry. Even minor situations cause extreme anger.
8. Avoiding work and daily activities.
9. Social withdrawal – loss of interest in meeting people, friends and family. Wanting to stay aloof.
10. Unexplained feeling of unhappiness, and feeling others cannot help.
11. Increased sleep and increased time in bed just lying without doing any activity.
12. Escapism - higher indulgence in smoking, drinking, cannabis or other drugs.
13. Criticising and negative approach towards your life. Wanting to run away from the same.
14. Ideas of Suicide or self-harm in some form of other.

How can it be treated?
a. Light therapy - have well lit up rooms and in severe cases UV lamps might be used.
b. Adequate diet plan - diet should include more proteins and less of fat/sugar/fried food.
Avoid junk food as much as possible.
c. Consult a psychiatrist. - Medications to regulate mood swings, sleep disturbance.
d. Exercise schedule according to body type to trigger alertness.

written by -

Dr.Hemant Mittal
(Psychiatrist, Motivational Writer and Counselor)
email – eksoch@gmail.com
website – www.mindmantra.in
twitter- @sai_ki_artist
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