The Drama Queen

In the field of personality analysis in human psychology, one of the most interesting types is that of "drama queen's"

Its a good mixture of simple and complex thought process.

The major pillar of the personality is - attention seeking.
And a "Drama Queen" will go to any extent to get attention.

A "Drama Queen" personality can be present in both males and females.. In this article I will refer to the feminine side of it.

When you Mind-read a Drama Queen, you find out -

1. She craves for attention so much that even a few minutes or hours without it, makes her irritable and uncomfortable.

2. She loves extremes - you never know when she will drift from happiness to anger ... caring to hate.. It happens within minutes and could be small simple things that cause it.

3. Physical appearances matter a lot. - she would wear clothes that don't suit her or expose too much.. just to show-off and be talked about.

4. Excessive amount of criticism for others, their dressing sense and the way they talk.

5. High amount of theatrics - false image creation - exaggerating an situation, creating gossips or telling lies.

6. Unnecessary importance and value to relationships or interactions where she gets importance and attention.
And extreme criticism, exaggerated anger to even close relationships if not given attention.

7. High expenditure on luxury items, just meant to show off and not actually of any personal need.
Many a times, the expenditure is way beyond one's affordability level.

In Clinical Psychiatric Terms, attention seeking becomes a major cause for sadness and restlessness, when the need for attention causes problems in behavior, emotion, relationships and work.

The Treatment normally revolves around a 4 point approach-
1. De-addiction from the need for attention - this can happen through indulgence in social work and trying to give unconditional love to the under-privileged.

2. professional counselling to help one control on the irritation, anger and mood swings coming from high need of attention seeking.

3. Medications by a psychiatrist to help control the mood swings and self-harming behaviors like excessive talking, excessive spending and depression.

4. Family/friends therapy - where they get educated on how to handle such a person.

written by -

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(Psychiatrist, Motivational Writer and Counselor)

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