Soul-Mate vs Life-Partner

Soul-Mate Vs Life-Partner

In life everyone yearns for love. A true lover automatically becomes a soul-mate.
Lets check the differences between a soul-mate and a life-partner.

Soul Mate vs Life Partner -

1. A soul-mate is always in your heart.
He/she might be alive or dead, near or away, married to someone else... But there is a feeling of awareness in your heart, you can feel him/her there.

Life-partner needs to be alive, near you, in a relationship/married to you.

2. Spiritual connect - You don't need memories to remember a soul mate. You don't even need to remember him/her again and again.
Every moment you meet him/her, it starts from where you left.

A life-partner is based on a balance of memories created with him/her. If the memories are positive, the life-partner would seem more lovable and vice-versa.

3. There is no place for judgement. A soul-mate makes you fall in love with you flaws. You are willing to change your entire thought process from him/her. You are even ready to break away from all rules and regulations.

A life-partner is based on regulations and expectations. Judgement is essential part of the relationship.

4. With a soul-mate a fight is an act of Love - You patch up without any grudges. You forget the fight the moment you patch up. You don't feel hurt, there is no ego, No need to prove who is superior.

With a life-partner a fight is a battle of egos. You are extremely concerned about your expectations. Grudges are kept in the mind.
There is need to prove who is superior.

5. Soul-mates don't care about the "rules and regulations of the society".

Life-partner is based on the rules and regulations of the society.

6. Soul mates are ready to sacrifice. They care for each other more than themselves. They might keep their pain/problems in their heart, but will always be ready to cure the pain of the other.

Life-Partners are more selfish. They dont sacrifice without something in return.

7. Soul-mates love never dies. No matter how much they hurt each other, fight or move away in life... they will eventually reconnect at some point and connect at different planes of love. Their love is more spiritual than physical.

Life-Partners are more human. They have conditional love. Love that can fade away with even with time. Love is covered by possessiveness, expectations, memories and ego. Once they part ways, they might never reconnect with each other.

Remember No relationship choice is wrong till its in accordance with your personality.
You might be a spiritually high personality and require a soul-mate.
You might be a personality based in practicality and require a life-partner.
The choice is yours.

written by -
Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS,DPM)
(Psychiatrist, Motivational Writer/speaker and Counselor)
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