Bottling up Emotions

Psychological Fact - Bottling up your emotions is major cause for developing the habit of chronic over thinking, insomnia &/or depression.

So always vent out your emotions.

5 best ways to vent out your emotions -

1. Speak it out - specially towards those who have hurt you
2. Exercise or Meditate
3. Watch Movies or Listen to songs that encourage positiveness in life.
4. Write or draw - randomly just to express yourself
5. Go out with friends and share it out with them.

5 worst ways of venting your emotions -
1. Increased Consumption of Alcohol/smoking - suppresses your emotions for few hours, later they cause more harm.
2. Playing "politics" or trying to "manipulate" situations - if it back fires will cause more harm.
3. Excessive eating - weight gain and decreased self image
4. Increased watching of Pornography, Masturbation or Sex - attaches negativity to the sexual act.
5. Hurting yourself - cutting self, throwing things, etc. - increases anger.

written by -
Dr.Hemant Mittal

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