Love - a SECRET scent

Love is weird.. Its a 4 letter word, but it has infinite forms. It might take the form of responsibility, drama, failures, stress or happiness.

Love is ironic... Its in every single moment of existence, but you experience it only very few times.

Love is a simple truth.. It starts from the depths of your mind, but you search for it externally.

Love is un-affecfted .. With all the sadness, injustice, violence and fear around.. they cannot change the love deep inside of you.

Love has no boundaries.. but you create those boundaries to satisfy your own ego and expectations.

The more you become a slave of you ego, the more distant you go from Love.
The more you become a slave of your expectations, the more distant you go from Love.

Take a moment, detach from everything.. experience the beauty of love in your heart.. let the tears of joy flow.

For Years you have kept Love a secret, let it out..

Right now, experience it.
Right now, live it.

written by -
Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS,DPM,MD(mindmantra)
Psychiatrist, Motivational Speaker and Counsellor

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