Extrovert vs Introvert - Not Staying at home

1. Extrovert - Life is short and you must gather as many experiences as possible.
You can always stay indoors when you're old.
Introvert - The basic of every experience is gaining peace. If you find peace at home, than why roam around. And if you cannot find peace at home, where would you find it?

2. Extrovert - Weekends are to be well enjoyed. By Wednesday or Thursday you should have at least 2 plans for the weekend.
Introvert - After a tough week at work, it essential to give your mind some relaxation. If you are under the pressure to "make it a perfect" weekend, then you are just running after fun, without actually knowing where it lies.

3. Extrovert - Easily get bored of the same places and always on the lookout for new hangout spots.Conventional is boring.
Introvert - Experimentation means redefining expectations. Specially when one meal or one outing is very important for happiness, then exposing yourself to a greater chance of failure is illogical.

4. Extrovert - Know about all the events happening in and around your city, and adventure out.
Introvert - the greater your choice, the greater your confusion. Instead of your mind just running around trying to experience 10 events without enjoying anyone to the fullest, better to enjoy one event to the maximum.

5. Extrovert - Why spend the weekend sleeping at home. Invite friends and make it merrier.
Introvert - whole week you have been meeting people and getting things done, a good weekend sleep will help bring back your productivity to 100% on Monday morning.

6. Extrovert - Parents and relatives complain that you're never home.
Introvert - Parents and relatives complain that you're always home.

7. Extrovert - You're happy as long as you are out, the minute you step into your home, boredom strikes.
Introvert - Home is where happiness lies.

8. Extrovert - Meeting new people is greater than staying among the four walls of your house.
Introvert - the more people you meet, the more you will be judged and the more you need to "pretend".

MIND MANTRA - Both EXTROVERT and INTROVERT are right in their own contexts.
Excess of any personality type is wrong. Its essential to create a right balance.

At the extremes, the extroverts are at a greater danger of mental health illness like mental exhaustion and anxiety.. Introverts are more prone to depression.

Accept what you are, and how you are. Don't run after something you aren't and don't try to make others into something they aren't.

written by -
Dr.Hemant Mittal
Psychiatrist, Motivational Speaker/writer
www.mindmantra.in - eksoch@gmail.com

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