Why is Your Trust Broken Again and Again?

I meet hundreds of people every year, who have one single complain - "Why is that our trust is broken Again and Again".

Breaking someone's trust is one of the most cruel psychological harms you can give. Sadly there are millions who suffer this torture multiple times in life.

Here are 4 Personality Reasons why these people suffer again and again -

1. Vulnerability - People who are transparent about their life are the most vulnerable. Transparency means telling your entire life story to someone. This gives the other great power over you.

2. Blame Takers - If you have the bad habit of taking up all the blame on your shoulders, just to keep others happy.. then one day this very habit will provide someone the chance to break your trust.

3. Dwelling in the Past - when you are dwelling the pain of Past "trust failures", you tend to over-compensate, giving too much power to others.

4. Dependency - If you very quickly start depending on someone, its a sign that you are insecure about yourself. Insecurity always leads to fear of losing someone or something - this is easily exploited by "trust breakers".

written by -

Dr.Hemant Mittal

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