5 behaviors that scare women away - are you indulging in them? (part 1)

If a general survey was done on how many colleges going or young working non-married males in India are dying to have a girl-friend or girl-friends, I am sure the "Yes" would outnumber the "No" by many fold.

It's an open secret that only 10-15 from a batch of 100 get to have a girl-friend or more than one girl-friend before marriage, while the rest keep fantasizing about the same.

Like body language which sends invisible subconscious clues to others about the mind-set of a person, the latest trend in " young relationships in India" is showing that one of the main reasons for young girls/ladies to terminate a relationship or be scared to get into a relationship are the invisible subconscious "pervert" sexual behaviours that their male counter-parts are involved in.

5 such male sexual behaviours that can scare a woman to get into a relationship or can even make her break an existing relationship are:

1. Pornography
Porn is everywhere. 95% men have been exposed to porn at least once in their life. And a great majority of the same keep watching it regularly.

The female brain perceives pornography as negative. Even if some of them might enjoy it in their own privacy, they develop a negative attitude towards guys/men who indulge in such "pleasure watching".

Women have an uncanny 6th sense to know how to either find the "adult" stuff you have loaded on your laptop, cell phone, ipad, etc. Also many might trap you into supplying them with porn material only to create a negative mental impression about you.

In their minds, Subconsciously such men are immediately labelled as "perverts" and are put into the category of "only interested in physical relationships" men.

A few weeks ago I had a case where a young male had consulted me for being in depression after been rejected by the girl of his dreams. In his need to please her, he had gone to all extremes and even supplied some of her friends with porn material, which the girls just wanted to watch for "fun".

It wasn’t surprising that when he proposed to her, she denied saying "how can I trust a man who keeps porn movies in his laptops and even freely distributes it too girls?"

Tip - if you like porn, be intelligent enough to hide it or just delete it.

2. Inappropriate Touching
Testosterone is the male sexual hormone that not only gives men their sexual drive, but is also responsible for a long list of behavioural patterns. Behaviour patterns in which men unconsciously use their bodies in certain ways that many times becomes offensive for those near them.

One such behaviour pattern is inappropriate touching. This can be divided into two parts:

a. Inappropriate touching her - many girls/ladies hate to when guys hug them tightly, grab them by the waist, put a hand on their shoulder, touch their butt, make "inappropriate" moves to touch their bust like suddenly bumping into them or suddenly breaking a bike so their bust can touch their back, etc.
This effect of this is accentuated multiple times if such an act or a similar act is done in public.
Women feel their privacy is being violated by such acts.

A client of mine was fired from work because of a similar situation. A friendly guy by nature, he had no evil intentions and was always tried to be friendly with everyone. He is excessively expressive through his body movements. Hugging other members of his team to express emotions of care and happiness was a normal pattern. Unfortunately he was booked for sexual harassment by a girl who couldn't understand his personality. He was fired with immediate effect, couldn't find another job because of this black remark on his CV and tried to commit suicide for the same.

Tip - be aware of your body movements.

B. Inappropriate touching yourself - many men especially in India have this habit of touching their private parts more often than necessary. While some have no shame of doing it openly in full public view, others specifically do it whenever a girl/lady looks towards them.

In both ways women perceive it as extremely negative.

Tip - You might have a genital fungal infection, get it checked.

3. Past sexual Experience

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