DK bose or bose DK

There is an increasing popular trend to use of double-meaning words. Like in this new song, the words "DK bose", which when sung in the particular fashion they are, it converts into "bose D K " (which easily resembles a very common negative word used for swearing in hindi).

Film making and creativity, even a lucrative business, its also a reflection of the social psychology of people. Such a new trend shows how much frustration people carry in their mind, how the generation gap is widening and how youngsters-adults are finding it difficult to find common ground of accordance.

Even thou a business technique to attract youngsters, glorification of negative attitudes like "swearing" in such a form is bound to increase the negativity within the society. As an attitude or form of communication which  was earlier kept under the locks of morality in front of adults, can now popularly be used under the cover of songs.

Another attempt by Aamir Khan productions to promote liberalism...

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  1. saransh srivastavaMay 18, 2011 at 6:12 AM

    this is just a copy from the movie kya kool hai hum...there it was just a dialouge here it's a song...the only difference..

  2. Agree. Youth generally try to go along with these trends as an escape or outlet for there frustration but slowly it becomes there nature and they tend to find it cool to swear all the time. You rightly said it increases negativity. I believe a single / rare use of swear words on certain classified films or promos is understandable to convey an art but an all out mass movie definitely needs careful editing.

    On a different note e.g. when a simpleton is surrounded by a gang of hooligans he is bound to laugh at their bad or vulgar jokes just to be.