Attrition - Why HR fail to keep employees loyal to the job and company?

"In the end.. what only matters is that Subsa Bada Rupaiyaa!!"
(line from an old hindi song, that means that "only money matters"

This statement has become the base of modern day Employee Psychology.With the world and especially India moving towards a more individualistic society, personal satisfaction is easier to get through money than company loyalty.

This new employee approach has proven both a boon and bane for major corporates.While its easier to lure employees with higher salaries, its also given rise to a very "High attrition rate".

"Human Resource Development" was a segment created to use socialistic values to achieve higher capitalist gainst. What started with millions of ideas, has been simply diminished to identifing, hiring and above all try to retain the most qualified of employees. 
A great gift of corporate to the society has been the beautiful use of language and phrases to create a larger than life image.

Unfortunately among this use of language, many words have had higher impact on the human psyche. While everyone likes the fancy adjectives added with the word executives, most of th 95% of  the 2,500 odd corporate employees that I have met totally understand that they are not more than an expendable "resource" for their company.
Some of the common Statements I have come across are:
"Why cann't my kids,wife and my family have all the luxuries that my boss has"

"My friends are drawing a package of  Rs.6-7lakhs P.a, why should I stick with my company for a lesser pay"

"Friday gimmicks on how to manage stress, fun games or astrologers don't help me pay my bills"

"I have so many EMI payments to make, I need to get a better job"

" I have been with this company for 2 years now. My appraisal allows maximum of 10% pay increase. But by switching companies can get me 30% pay increase"

It's this pressure that is giving HR professional nightmares. I can report the progressive increase in number of HR professionals consulting me for issues like stress, depression, appetite and sleep problems.
With the limited powers within the bureaucratic corporate companies, the Human Resource department is practically handicapped.

Based on my psychological analysis and personality analysis of thousands of individuals belonging to both poles of the corporate spectrum, I can mention 3 important issues that are given a step-motherly treatment, leading to increased attrition rate:
a. BAD BOSS - one of the prime causes for employees to shift from a job even if they are getting paid well.
A bad boss should always be considered a red flag. Like in most cases, nothing much can be done against him, but can keep one prepared for employees resigning abruptly.

b. WORK LOAD -with limited resources, the easiest way to complete work is too burden the existing ones.  A Work Over-load triggers medical disorders like chronic fatigue syndrome, stress, anger and sleep problems. Once triggered such problems need treatment, and no amount of counseling helps to treat them.
Also once triggered, they drive an employee into taking hasty decisions like fighting, rebelling, skipping duties, and "putting down their papers."
If work load is the problem, identify and utilized those resources who can be a catalyst to decreasing the work load or increasing work capacity.
Such a resource is should be a day to day guide for a small period of time, rather than just a once a month or once a year "band-aid".

c. SENSE OF BELONGING- most companies love to boast about themselves. They use magnanimous words to describe their achievements. Unfortunately psychologically the employee cannot related to the same, and loses desire to work in a place to which he/she cannot relate or belong too. 
A sense of belonging is created by creating a practical image within the mind of the employee. An image that works as a psychological comfort zone onto which the employee can fall back whenever faced with socio-financial stress.

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  1. Really nice article...

    I can relate to this...

  2. its absolutely true,we can relate to this

  3. Good Article. Two main reasons for employees to keep changing jobs is 1. Boss and 2. Compensation policies of the employer.
    1. Boss - Most of the time is has been noticed that Indian bosses are good with the resource for 8 to 10 months of the year, during those 2 remaining months of appraisal cycle they start finding uncalled for reasons which are immature. Secondly favoritism is at its peak now a days.
    2. Compensation Policies - Loyalties are not rewarded. Employee working for the organization for 4 to 5 years is neglected, his / her pay scale is much lower than lateral joiners. This surely de-motivates the employee.

    HR analysis may not be always accurate as many employees do not quote the appropriate reason while leaving the job. The most common reason is HR does not take any action so why to spoil relations while going, hence most of the time common reasons are compensation, job satisfaction, re-locating near home town etc.