Life after 30? (final part)

4. How should people deal with any kind of stress related to ageing (post 30)?
Stress is a silent killer. High blood pressure, hair loss, weight gain, sleep disturbance, heart attacks, are all triggered by stress. Unfortunately since we all love to live in comfort zones, we realize the importance of the same only when a tragedy happens.
Unfortunately Stress is also the greatest asset that society promotes. Ambition to succeed is slowly being replaced by "have-it-now and pay later" philosophy. 
The need to satisfy one's desires today is increasing the stress of EMI’s, perfect relationships, good jobs, children, etc.

Cases of anger, road-rage, spouse-beating, increased accidents, child beating, suicide, self-harm, addictions, sleep disturbances are a physical expression of this stress which are going unnoticed by most. 
      The 5 most important ways to fight stress: 
      a. Talk it out.-  many people and specially men, live by the slogan “i can take all the pain inside of me, i don’t need others to know about it”.
The bhagwat geeta is perfect examples when even arjun needed to talk it out with lord Krishna.
Jesus Christ needed to talk to god just before being taken into custody.  
In most modern cases, stress takes the shape of continuous thoughts that lead to excessive mental restlessness.
It’s important that a person talks it out with either friend, family member or professional.
The listener has to be careful, to listen and not to “counsel.” As its important first to let the stress come out.

b. “My own time” – A person should have some “my own time” every day. A few minutes  every day, when he/she detaches from the world.
A hobby, exercise, Meditation, deep-breathing, visualisation are great techniques that can be used during this time.

c. Diet - everyone has been thought since childhood “what you eat is what you become” but with age it just becomes a saying good to pass it on to kids. Start enacting upon it. A healthy diet is extremely important. A healthy diet schedule is very important.
Most people only have one good meal and that’s dinner. Breakfast which is the most important meal of the day is mostly skipped. How can the brain and body work if they lack energy?
Lunch is normally frozen or pre-heated lunch with lack of nutrition value for the body.
Excess of alcohol, tobacco or caffeine is harming the body.

d. Sleep – there is no other exercise that has the same restorative capacity in the body as sleep. It’s very important to get good sound sleep. Maintaining “sleep hygiene” helps a lot.

e. Professional help – people normally consult friends, then family and then astrologers or faith healers, when they are very stressed. It’s a good way of de-stressing. But if the stress levels persist, and aren’t being controlled by all alternative methods, seeking professional help can help in enhancing the over-all productivity of an individual. Professionals are taught how to help you.

5. How the real world is coping with this phenomenon -The latest trend ?

A trend very much present in the west and slowly setting in india, is that 30’s is
the new 20’s.
The new technological advances in medical and psychological science are helping people maintain the same energy levels and enthusiasm as within their 20s.

The scientific world has taken notice of this and a lot of research is being done.
a. Late pregnancies or post 35yr old pregnancy is a new-age trend. It’s possible because of the research and development of new fertilisation techniques.
Specifically aimed for people within this age group.
b. Cosmetic surgery aims at people of this age who look to remain “younger” for longer time.
c.  More and more people seek professional psychological or psychiatric help to battle stress and increase productivity.
The higher socio-economic strata of Indian society, is accepting this trend and making it fashionable. This has been even show in movies.
Movies like “break ke baad”, in one of the scenes, the mother of the hero asks him if he has depression than he can consult a psychiatrist.
Movie stars, CEO's, corporate executives, Media persons, models are using this professional tool to overcome relationship and job stress.
This shows that people want to enjoy life for a longer period and they are informed enough to know that psychiatry is no longer just “mad-people” medicine, but a new-age therapy modality which provides with small course of non-sedative, non-addictive medications for battling stress and mood-swings.


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