Life after 30? (part 2)

2. With new found western influence, Is the life different in metro cities?

Westernization is a concept that has hit our society at all levels. Microscopic changes can been seen at various levels of the society.  The major acceptance of western values of "individuality" and "satisfaction of self before society" are higher within a small minority of men and women mostly located in cosmopolitan areas of the country. 

Its this minority of people who are utilizing their freedom to choose everything from their clothes to their sexuality. A higher amount of experimentation is seen among them.
Age old philosophy of “one-life one partner” and “virgin till marriage" are slowly being put on a back-burner and "living the moment at fullest" is being emphasized upon.

This is making relationships and their meaning “very fragile”. Multiple relationships are no longer a taboo.
But this also puts excessive stress on a person, on who and how to choose the right life partner. 

Due to increased media galore and glamor, those who inherently don't accept this type of social attitude are slowly being attracted to enact and live it, to avoid being labeled as "losers" or developing inferiority complex.

3. What about single 30-plus people? Does getting married really help?
Marriage is a very tricky question.

Socially and psychologically it’s proven to be an extremely positive step. But that is provided if both partners share the same goals, visions and desires about the future.
Complimentary personalities are very much required for a happy married life.

In most cases choice of partner is based only upon looks, education, family background and bank balance. This might lead to a complete personality mismatch, which would require extreme adjustment from one of the partners.  Since “adjusting” has become more and more difficult people, relationships are undergoing severe stress, that shows off as fights, addictions, clinical depression, lack of satisfying physical proximity, extra-marital affairs.

4. How should people deal with any kind of stress related to ageing (post 30)?

(this will be answered in the concluding part of this article)

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