5 common Gastric Problems that start in your Mind

" A powerful Mind automatically translates into a powerful body".

Every year at the Mind Mantra wellness clinic, I meet hundreds of individuals whom only complain about gastric (stomach) troubles. Their health cases revolve around the desperate search for a permanent diagnosis and cure of the symptoms.  The majority, have already undergone lengthy investigations without positive results... Even more shockingly most self-medicate with anti-acids liquids, capsules like omeprazole or tab. like rantac, taken at a daily basis for years together.

So now you may wonder, If they have gastric problems, why do they visit a psychiatrist?
well the answer is simple - when the entire medical science has professionally and economically taken complete advantage of a patient without giving him/her a respectful solution, they very conveniently diagnose the problem as stress related and refer to a psychiatrist.(frankly something that could have been done at first visit itself)

Second question you might have, How does the brain have any effect on the stomach... aren't they two different organs miles apart?
True, they are two different organs. But they are inter-dependent on each other. Without going into the technical aspects and bombarding you with big medical names. Let me explain you in a very simple way.
Before we start, just remember that the brain is the greatest consumer of nutrients, energy and chemicals in your body.
When you are subjected to continuous stress, sadness, worry, restlessness, never-ending thoughts and/or fear for more than a week, your mind becomes clouded with thoughts. This increased mental activity triggers the brain to work upto 100 times of its regular pace. Like any other organ, hyperactivity for the brain means, increased need of energy, nutrients and chemicals.
Being the largest consumer of the above mentioned, the brain automatically triggers every single process within its control to procure these.  This leads to the following gastric troubles.

The 5 most common gastric issues that are caused by hyperactivity of Mind-Brain-Body interaction?
As mentioned above a hyperactive brain has very high needs of nutrients, chemicals and energy. To satisfy the same, the brain modulates various processes within the body, leading to:

1.       Increased appetite and weight gain – triggering the brains appetite centre is the easiest way to gather the deficiencies. This creates sudden urges within an individual when it’s impossible to stop himself/herself from eating. Analysis by a psychiatrist of the eating patterns, the types of foods gorged on, the time and frequency of meals, etc all these indicate the extent of harm done by stress/depression over the brain, the area of the brain involved and future complications it can cause.

2.       Increased Acidity – Acidic burps, nausea, burning sensation in the stomach region are all symptoms of extreme acid production by the stomach.
The stomach is the first place inside the body where foods digestion starts. Increased production of acid is a trigger by the brain to hurry up the process of food digestion.  Once the food has been digested the residual or continual acid production causes erosion and damage to the stomach wall. This is experienced as burning sensation, acidic burps, nausea, etc.. and it can lead to ulcers.
Most people fight it by taking some instant relief medicine. Unfortunately that’s not the cure.

3.       Constipation  - The intestines are the major organ involved in nutrients absorption. High energy requirements force  the brain to order the intestines to quickly absorb energy rich chemicals first. Once the energy rich chemicals are absorbed, the brain cuts energy supply towards the intestines causing them to work sluggishly. This sluggishness leads to constipation.

4.       IBS or irritable Bowel Syndrome – abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea or constipation. Increased nervousness, restlessness and thoughts trigger the secretion of hormones that harm the functioning of the intestine.

5.       Nervous Stomach or a stomach constantly experiencing Abdominal Pain, fullness, bloating, belching and flatulence – The hyperactive brain is more focused on regulating self processes, which eventually decreases production of various hormones and chemicals that are essential for the gastric system. This eventually leads to one or more of the above symptoms whenever the stress levels are high.

The solution ?
The solution for the problem is as following:
a.       Fight your stress, depression, restlessness, anxiety, tensions, etc in a professional way.
b.      Meditation and yoga helps your brain calm down the hyperactivity.
c.       Nutrition should be according to your persona. Not what has been suggested in general.. A personalized diet chart, helps you enjoy all foods and get all positive chemicals.
d.      Follow what movie stars, high society and high intellect people do. – They Consult a mind-body medical consultant. 
“The more in taboo you will live, the more you will suffer.
The more happiness you will seek, the more you will get.”

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