What Clinical Depression does to Bollywood Stars.. Are you Safe?

This photo was taken yesterday (26-01-2012). Published in yahoo.co.in

CLINICAL DEPRESSION is a Clinical Disorder that doesn't see age, social-status or gender. 

This is Manisha Koirala, a very successful bollywood actress, who today is fighting against Clinical Depression.
She is lucky to have friends in Mumbai who understand her...Friends that belong to a social strata where people understand that taking the help of a therapist (Psychiatrist or Counselor) is for their own personal and professional betterment... 
But you or someone you know might not be so lucky... You might not have people around you who understand the gravity of emotional pain you are going through...
You might be living a life of sadness, despair, angst and self-pity... crying it out daily... spending the day drained in a sea of thoughts... your brain ADDICTED TO NEGATIVITY ... loosing your sleep... constant comparing yourself to others and killing your body by altered appetite and weight changes... searching for that one helping hand...
IF you are suffering from it.. or you know someone suffering from the same... GO OUT AND GET HELP!!! YOU DESERVE A LIFE FULL OF HAPPINESS.. and a good neutral, non-judging listener can make all the difference... Medications are no longer confined to sedative and tranquilizer, even adequate Nutritional supplements in the right quantity can give your brain that boost...

If you dont have the courage to seek professional help personally, email me, I will help you - 

Dr.Hemant Mittal (neuro-psychiatrist)
email - eksoch@gmail.com  
website - www.mindmantra.in

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