Dream Interpretation - Being Chased

Dream Interpretation -
As part of my work I get to do a lot of dream interpretation for those who consult me at my wellness clinic, its a very interesting field.. One of the most common dreams that recurrently keep troubling an individual is:

A dream in which you are being chased or attacked by either a person, a ghost or a monster.

the meaning of the dream -
your mind is in extreme turmoil.
You are either
a.excessively preoccupied with the thoughts on how someone near to you is judging you
b.you are in extreme stress due to some life event happening or about to happen.

how to treat it?
a. analyse your life, identify the cause for this unwanted high stress level. If you fail to analyse it, consult a professional or a person who can analyse the situation neutrally

b. once you have identified the problem, put a process in function to "Effectively battle" that problem.

c. if you are failing to battle that problem, than work upon your "psychological reactions" to strengthen your mind.

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