The Wellness Killers Of Corporate India

Corporate India can be called the jewel in the crown of shinning India. In the last 15yrs, Indian employees no longer harbor dreams of making it big, they are making it Big!!!

Like all good things, there are some negatives. The biggest of which is the physical, emotional, social and sexual health problems corporate employees battle. 

As a Wellness Expert, at Mind Mantra Wellness Concepts, I get to interact with hundreds of corporates every year. Either through my online, workshops or even personal counseling sessions, the pattern of health issues that are destroying the wellness of corporate employees can be quantified as following:

1. Eyes - A corporate employee uses his/her eyes more than any other organ. radiation from laptops, desktops, tv screens, mobile phones are bombarding the eyes for more than 8hrs daily. This results in decreased eye-sight, headaches, lack of concentration, irritations, redness of eyes and eye infections.

2. Weight Trap - Your brain-mind complex requires upto 30-40% of body energy requirement. The brain is the most utilized organ by a corporate employee. This makes a continuous source of energy essential for effective working. Unfortunately lack of healthy food option, high energy foods are easily equated with high calorie and high fat foods.

3. Blood Circulation problems- Lack of exercise, high fat foods (whereby fat goes and deposits itself in the small crucial blood carrying arteries), high stress, all pose as road blocks for effective blood circulation. Lack of proper circulation results in skin problems, headaches, joint pains and sexual disorders.

4. The Skeleton crumbles - The calcium skeleton is the core of the human body. like the beams of a building, once it is bent, it cannot be brought back to normalcy. 
Lack of proper sitting posture, lack of exercise, increased obesity, are all putting extreme pressures on the skeleton. 
The rise in number of neck and lower back pains have made orthopedics the most in-demand surgeons in India. 

5. Anxiety, Stress and Depression - A recent survery by leading english newspaper showed that coporate sector employees showed the lowest "happiness index" on over-all factors.
While thousands of HR's, VP's and CEO's secretly take treatment for the high stress, anxiety and depression they suffer.. they never let the same be done "professionally" for their workforce.
upto 30% of indian corporate sector is suffering from clinical levels of anxiety, depression and stress which gives rise to higher addiction, dangerous sexual adventures, high spending behavior, ideas of cheating the employer and involvement in anti-social behavior.

two or more of these factors combine to create premature aging, extreme fatigue levels, joint pains, skin problems, sexual disorders, which lead to decreased happiness and poor "future" prognosis of health.

Being a corporate employee has a sense of empowerment, but with "great power comes great responsibility"
unfortunately these so called "mature" people forget to concentrate on the responsibility towards their body-mind.

Be mature, Be responsible.. BE HEALTHY... 

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