The Kitty Party Extravaganza

Today I met a really amazing couple. Affluent, well educated and who fight like two blood thirsty boxers. They have very different personalities, which could never find a middle path of happiness. Today their major issue of discussion was “The Kitty Party”.
The wife had recently been introduced into “the kitty party circuit”, an exercise the husband wasn’t too happy with. Naturally interacting with a lot of “like-minded” ladies had left an impression on her, bringing about changes in her behaviour. This was a major rebellion against the “controlling” nature of this gentleman, leading to great fights.
This was an amazing couple to interact with because I got to analyse the opposing view- points that the society harbour regarding a very important “female dominated” social exercise called The Kitty Party.

The Husbands View Point  or The Orthodox View Point –
1.       A group of ladies meet up to gossip.
2.       Wastage of time and money.
3.       It gives rise to comparison and increased materialistic desires.
4.       Women discuss sex openly, making it “unholy”
5.       It gives rise to unnecessary rumours that can eventually emotionally hurt someone.

The Wife’s View Point or The neo-thinker View Point-
1.       “Like-minded” women, who have time and money, get to spend a fun filled afternoon. This
is a refreshing break from their mundane daily self.
2.       Why should a woman depend on her husband to go out and have fun. When a group of them can do it together. It’s a symbol of their independence.
3.       Interaction with women from the same social class, helps to broaden the horizon about what new trends are going on in life.
4.       Discussing about sex is nothing wrong. Women also have desires.  
5.       Rumours and Gossiping is an essential. Women do it inside the house, so what’s wrong in doing it outside.

So when asked to give a verdict on who is right or wrong, I told them how the science of human psychology views a Kitty Party:
1.       It’s a great way of increasing social interaction. As most women in a kitty party are “like-minded” and share common socio-economical backgrounds.

2.       It’s shouldn’t be evaluated as a wastage of time and money, but an investment in personal development.

3.       Every participant has to be aware that every single lady in that Party, will be blowing her own trumpet. 95% of the information shared is either hyped or a made-up lie.
Why is this important psychologically? Most Kitty parties involve 30-plus ladies. This group of society are young, dynamic and full of energy. Unfortunately due to the social pressures they are not allowed to express their personality to the fullest at home or workplace. A Kitty Party provides them with an excellent ego-satisfaction platform, where the need for attention, the need for interaction and the need of expression are fulfilled. This is attained by materialistic, social and physical preening.  

4.       Sex is a basic need. It’s also a topic of discussion that immediately releases maximum amount of “happy-chemicals” in the brain, in both men and women.  Kitty Parties provide great setups to vent out “sexual anxieties”.  It’s a perfect setup to discuss sex-life, sexual fantasies and sexual adventures without being judged or without facing social repercussions. If all that sexual anxiety is left to grow inside an individual, she would naturally become sad and depressed.

5.       Participants of a Kitty party have to be careful.  It’s obviously not a “intellectual meet” where a group of ladies will be discussing “intellectual books” over tea. It’s a party.
While one is having fun and laughing, it’s very easy to trigger negative emotions like animosity, jealousy and anger within others. This can lead to some participants using the “umbrella cover of fun and social gathering” to humiliate, spread rumours, expose family secrets and instigate others into dangerous experimentation with drugs/sex.

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  1. Your articles are very informative and insightful. Common sense matters, but easily forgotten, so good refreshers. Thanks for everything you are doing..