The Personality Disorder caused by subconscious fear.

Fear is one of the worst enemies of the human mind.
The Normal reaction to fear is finding a comfort and moving ahead in life.

But there are many individuals whose mind is always fearful. They are constantly trying to create a comfort zone.

This leads to an unpredictable behavior pattern.

Some of the common personality signs seen in them are -

1. Extreme mood swings - extremely happy one minute and sad or angry the other...
A mind governed by fear might suddenly feel threatend and activate the fight or flight mechanism.

2. Unstable relationships - For a short period of time might love someone with extremes of passion.. and within no time might develop an extremely negative attitude about the same person. Forgetting all good memories and judging them to be horrendous.

3. Constantly complaint that close people will leave them. Are always fearful that no happiness is ever lasting.
Hence are always negative about a relationship, and tend to enjoy it only for a few days.

4. Feel a deep sense of emptiness inside of them. Many times feel they are devoid of emotions.

5. No control over anger - the mind might get fearful about any small thing and it might be expressed as anger. The extreme anger scares all their nearby relatives.
In fits of anger can destroy things, or cause self-harm.

6. Tendency to blame others for their problems, even when they know themselves are wrong.
Finding explanations to prove that they have been forced to "commit errors".. else they are perfect.

7. No control over money spenditure - will indulge in buying very expensive products just to feel "comfortable" and take their "fear" away.
No sense of responsibility towards money.

8. No control over addictions - Extreme indulgence in either alcohol/nicotine, psychotropic drugs (heroin, cocaine).

9. Addiction or binge of food  and/or sex.

10. Cannot tolerate being alone and feel extrem anger against family/friends for that.
Constantly require re-assurance of being loved, and behave like small children to seek approval of love.

11. Multiple episodes over the years of self-injury - over-dosing on medications, cutting wrist, banging their head into the wall, etc.

12. Many present with more than one attempt of suicide.


1. one has to find that such personalities are dominated by fear.

2. they are addicted and live in fear. Every decision of theirs is based on fear.

3. Counseling at home can be dangerous -
a. if a family member or family friend is counseling them, they might develop extreme love for that person.
In this extreme state of love, their mind might break all moral barriers and even try to get physically close to such a person.

b. When they are being counseled by someone, they tend to "test" such a person. And this testing can get dangerous.. As they may excessively lie or create a dangerous situation, just to "seek approval" of love.

4. Their fear has to be treated.
Its very important that they are treated by professional Through a combination of both medicines and counseling.

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