8 ways to stop procrastinating

How many times each day do you try to work yourself up to tackle some undesirable task?

Nothing is more exhausting than the task that is never started.
Here are simple tricks to help you battle the monster of procrastination.

1. Visualization - Positive Stress.

Many times you don't feel the rush to work until you are not pressurized. Visualization is a powerful technique that helps you imagine the end-line much before than it has arrived. This creates positive stress that leads to increased performance.

2. Ask for help.
Why is this so hard?  Because you want to shield your failure under a carpet.
Whenever you are having trouble getting started or not knowing what to do, ask for help and you'll be amazed how much it helps to clear confusion.

3. Remember that most decisions don’t require extensive research
The more you research, the more confused you get. Decisions may go wrong even with the best of researches... don't fear failure... fear inaction.

4. Take a baby step... Right or Wrong?
Many patients I meet fall into the trap of "baby steps".. They try to accomplish one small task a day and for the next three days are sitting idle.. They rationalize it by saying they are taking baby steps while trying to win over procrastination...
Take baby steps, if you are ready to be a baby... a baby is restless to wake up and try again and again..

5. The Thoughts of Failure are short-lived.
Thoughts of failure last only 15-20min after starting a work... So start, and soon you will see the thoughts disappear.

6. Morning - Evening Trap....Do it now?
Many of my patients with procrastination fall into the trap of delaying things a few hours. 
Morning becomes afternoon.. Afternoon becomes Evening... Evening becomes Night.. and then guilt takes over... 
Do it now!!!! 
There is no other way.

7. Why take the mental load?
People feel nice in spending hours thinking... Right or wrong.. yes or no... questions and answers... 
Till you don't teach your mind to be silent you will never understand the power of the present.

8. Pay attention to the amount of time you spend working on tasks you dislike.
Give a pat on your back for everytime you complete a disliked task faster than last time. You are getting good at it.
You can keep a diary.. and when you have done 3 disliked tasks faster than before, you can treat yourself to a coffee, a cigrate, a drink or good food.

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