Parenthood or Fear Factory - Best Career for your Child

Parenthood or fear-factory

Over the last few months at the Mind Mantra Wellness clinic, I have observed an increase in the number of parents I meet suffering from fear, doubt, anxiety and stress related to their children.
While many parents are extremely concerned and want counseling for the the social and sexual behavior their adolescent child are involved into, there is a huge group which is concerned about what "profession" their child should follow to be "successful".

Unfortunately the definition of "successful" for 99.9% means BIG FAT SALARY.

Ironically, when I ask most of them are they happy with their JOB PROFILE, they crib about it, but say they cann't leave because of the money.

Money Trap is leading to mental exhaustion. Mental exhaustion eventually leads to anger, negativity, irritability, lack of sleep and decreased sexual happiness...
As a parent Do you really want to expose your child to all of this???

REMEMBER THE ONLY WAY TO A HAPPY LIFE, is by allowing your children to follow the 3 P’s: passion, purpose, and payment.

If a engine is made to work day after day for 30years it will surely break down more than once. Similarly our brain gets exhausted.
Day after day for more than 30years to do the same kind of work one requires passion.
Passion is the energy that never fizzles out and always keeps you focused. A simple way to uncover your passions is to consider what magazines you love to read or what interests, hobbies, and activities you have always enjoyed.

Simple Passion dies out very soon. It has to be accompanied with Purpose. Purpose comes from having something to contribute and offer others. It is about serving others and extending your support to improve peoples’ lives. What do you want to leave behind as your legacy? The importance of purposeful work can be seen when people leave high paying, prestigious positions to take on more meaningful and fulfilling work despite the pay cut.

Lastly, passion and purpose can be considered a "social activists" bread and butter... The more "capitalist" part of the brain will always feel satisfied with a decent payment related with them. This creates the image of a viable, enjoyable and socially enriching job that provides financial stability and independence.

Money is essential, If we can’t pay our bills or are always struggling financially, we may want to consider another career option. If we aren’t making any money with what we’re doing it’s just a hobby.

Don’t believe that finding work you love isn’t feasible. Even if you can’t change your job due to financial obligations, or because you have insufficient education and experience, this doesn’t mean you can’t learn to engage more fully in your work.

Dr.Hemant Mittal
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