Traits of a Male Manipulator

The Male Manipulator

I meet many females who have been USED economically, socially or sexually by Male Manipulators. They fall into deep depression on seeing how a person they LOVED so much is now non-remorseful and inert to their emotional sadness.

There are few points which I would like to mention, A Male manipulator is one who has a very strong personality. They are extremely good actors and know how to conceal their emotions. Always self-centered in every activity of life, but because of their acting skills will show as if they are burning themselves for the benefit of others.

Their mind is always focused on one main objective, that to exploit their prey (specifically females) for either financial, social or sexual purposes.

Some Personality traits that help identify the same-

1. Extremely over-friendly. Always surrounded by an aura of mystery. Their friends or relationships will always be with people in turmoil.

2. Always identify and target females who have been through some emotional trouble. Within hours/days pose themselves to be their strong emotional support. Slowly slowly distance them from all their meaningful relationships.

3. Constant lying and conning is used to impress the victim. Most commonly use of false position, money, astrology, god, philosophy, "sixth sense powers" are used to captivate the victim lady.

4. No regard for feelings or property of others.
There always will be a history of multiple females who have suffered at the hands of such a man. But the manipulator will pose as a "victim" himself and have very convincing "Excuses" for every incident.
When his lies are caught, he will either dissapear from the place or get extremely angry.

5. There way of speaking is always one to impress. Full with "naughty" and "flirty" messages. Making the other person feel wanted and cherished. Main goal is to create an aura of being extremely concerned about you and only you.
When examined with a detail, one will observe that they spend a maximum amount of time talking about themselves and their troubles, their business, their wants and desires, etc etc... While the victim feels "she" is actually helping him out in his problem.
Slowly slowly they create such a web that she is completely engrossed in thinking about him only.

6. Their mind is extremely goal directed. While they never might achieve whatever they purpose to start, they will create an aura that every small victory is in fact a major battle won.
They are very good with words, so will criticize others in ways that seem "positive criticism", but in the end the words will be directed in creating doubt within the mind of their "victim".

7. Goal directed mind, leads to goal directed conversations. Every moment spent with them will be triggered to achieve their goal.
It will seem if they are motivating you to "free" your spirit, when actually they are "trapping" it.
if interested in sex, than conversations will be driven towards relationships, sex and flirt. and if interested in financial gains, will talk about big buisness deals, great money, big houses and big cars without any substantial gain of their own.

8. To create extreme trust levels, they will expose their "inner" truths to the victim. Only for the victim to later understand it was all a lie.
Being professional liars, they tend to cover-up their actual short-comings under the umbrella of words.

9. get aggressive and irritable if the truth is exposed. and Would prefer to run from the situation.

10. They follow the philosophy of a Phyton or boa constrictor snake, that strangulates his victim after gaining complete control over his movements

They will always put the emotion of "trust" as the corner-stone of any relationship.
They will constantly preach of trust and ask for practice of trust.
Once victim falls prey of this emotional trap, they will slowly start keeping a control on her every move.
They want to be always "informed" on what the victim is doing. Under the cover of friendship and care, they will ask more questions than required.
Such is the level of control, that even going to the "loo" without informing them can become anxiety causing.

As they get more and more control over a victim, slowly slowly they will make sure the victim is completely dependent on them for emotional support and need. This will give them chance to manipulate at financial, social and sexual angles without being noticed.

11. They never have true remorse for what they have ever done. And will always act to show how emotionally hurt they are. They are emotionless and self-centered. if they accept mistakes or cry its all shallow acting just to impress the other person.

If you have been conned by a male manipulator or if you know someone who is being conned, please help them.

Feeling used and thrown away is the most self-destroying feeling one can go through. Leading to extreme depression and sadness.

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