Sushmita Sen Getting Married

“I will get married soon. It is in the pipeline. I believe in the institution of marriage.” - Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen recently stated that she is looking to get married soon.

Many of her male and female fans from all over the country are already showering "congrats" and "blessing" upon her.

What makes me laugh is at the irony of how hypocrite the society is.

Just because she is such a famous person everyone is praising her.

But what about the "traditional Indian marriage guidelines" she has broken-

1. She has been involved in relationships before marriage.
2. Obviously she is no Virgin.
3. She has 2 adopted daughters. So she is a mother even before marriage.
4. She has battled psychological problems like weight gain and depression.
5. She has exposed enough for thousands of men to have fantasized about her.

Had "normal girl" done any 2 of these, people would be labeling her with names ranging from "characterless" to "mad". And labelled her unfit for marriage.

Sushmita Sen is an example of modern indian woman... but the big question is Indian society ready to accept the concept of "modern indian woman" rather than just accepting Sushmita Sen.

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