when will we start to see the beauty inside the heart

"FROM BEAUTY TO BEAST" - This is the comment that someone had posted to his photo on Facebook... For a second I felt really sad.

I thought, how sad is the society, in whic we live in. More often than not physical appearance defines females.  The guy who posted that comment never thought that today Ashwariya Rai is a Mother, one of the most beautiful feelings in the world, and one that only women are blessed to experience.

As I read further, I found there were many men who had posted similar comments or liked that comment.

Ironically, a few hours later I was visited by 2 girls who suffered from "inferiority complex" arising from this "cheap" male mentality that affect the society like a disease.

Girl no.1 - Varsha (not real name)

She was 25yr old, very educated, middle-class girl. She came with extremely high stress and restlessness. Her issue, she was dark and slightly on the healthier side. This was reason enough for hundreds of marriage proposal rejections.
After I analyzed her personality, I told her, you are very gifted. The guy who marries you will be extremely lucky, because you have an amazing adjusting personality, that can drive any marriage to extreme happiness.
It was true, and I hoped some guy would soon see beyond her looks and relieve her of the pain.

Girl no.2 - Rekha (not real name)
A 42yr old, very graceful, middle-high class lady. I thank god for every person I get to meet as they teach me a lot. But meeting Rekhaji was amazing. A happy-go-lucky jolly woman, who could counsel even the worst of suicidal people...but sadly couldnt find a solution for herself. She was an extremely beautiful punjabi girl when she got married. After 15yrs, 2kids, and gaining 15kgs, her husband appreciated the sacrifices and great mother/wife she was. But at the same time, couldn't resist from
seeking "sexual pleasures" outside wedlock because his wife didn't have the same attractive power.. and same sexual activity as before.
A woman who laughed through most of the session, who had one of the most positive aura's I have come across, broke down on her helplessness... broke down on the feeling of worthlessness... All these years of sacrifice and love seemed immaterial, in front of that one sentence her husband said.
She is a very strong lady, and has the will-power to even seek separation... but that doesnt' discount the sadness she is gone through.

Its so ironic that most men chose their girl-friends and wifes based on beauty. when beauty wont last... The most beautiful woman in the world has proved it..

"THE ONLY LASTING BEAUTY IS THE ONE IN YOUR HEART" - always search for it, as its blissful.

Dr.Hemant Mittal
email - eksoch@gmail.com


  1. putting up wt after pregnancy is what most of us see around ....but i don't think pregnancy is the reason they just don't what to reduce it ..............my mom even at the age of 45 is slim and beautiful........... its all about we need to love ourselves ............

  2. Yes!!! You are right, I am also reading these kind of comments and posts, even many article also. my view is also same as you why people don't think that this is girl's most beautiful phase of life.