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I was visiting an old friend of mine a few days ago. I asked him about a wonderful SLR camera lying in this room.
He proudly said - "just got the photography bug... the creative force is just flowing through me... every weekend we travel to a different destination and click some awesome photos.. come I will show you some of the great shots I have taken over the last few weeks"
His wife tauntingly added - "by the way this isn't the 1st time the creative force is flowing through my loving husband... there is an imported yoga mat, an expensive casio keyboard, a brand new Nike gym kit, 1kg of clay, a bunch of canvas and paints, and even an imported magic kit... feel free to take any of the junk.."
People spend hundreds of thousands on "hobbies" they might not continue for more than a few weeks. The reason - STRESS.
Creativity is the power of being free... The power of jumping into the unknown without expectation.
Just Take a pen and blank paper... and start drawing something... without any regulations... In a while every stroke of the pen will actually be releasing a lot of emotions.
You might end up tearing the paper apart, but its an amazing release of energy.
such is the power of Creativity, it makes a simple pen and paper powerful.
Hobbies are ways to indulge into this creative force and experience its positive effects.
Why people keep changing their hobbies?
Creativity is a very powerful force. It can be constructive as well as destructive.
Restlessness makes it negative in the following ways -

1. The Salt in Tea - Ego - 
Remember the last time you were singing your favorite song and suddenly a bad memory flashed in front of your eyes... and you focused on the memory, it destroyed the entire moment.
Remember when you were dancing freely and you realized some friend/family was watching you, and you became embarrassed.
The moment Ego gets mixed in your creativity, it destroys the joy and enjoyment. 
The destroys the powerful release of emotions.
You are at your creative best when doing things because you find joy in doing it - creativity requires freedom... a freedom to enjoy.

2. The moody Child - Creativity is like a moody child, it sometimes present and its sometimes absent.
You cannot ask it too be present at a time you want.
You have become habituated of living a life by the time-table. 
So you have a slot allotted to creativity. 
If creativity doesn't come within that time, you move to the next slot.
You feel that time was wasted.
The more angry you get on Creativity... The more it runs away from you.
Be prepared to express your creativity at any moment... Or learn to accept the moments when it wasn't there.

3. Creativity is meditation in motion - 
If you have ever meditated, you'll know that the most important thing is to try and be still.
Its means to let go of the past and don't worry about the future.
Its experiencing the present.
Creativity is meditation in motion... your mind can be loaded with past and future worries.. but if you are not enjoying the present moment, you won't give your best.
If you indulge in your creative pursuit thinking of creativity as a powerful medium to channelize your emotions.. You will see how it 
helps guide your mind's energy towards self-development.

4. Coward or Fighter - 
Creativity demands a lot of courage. 
Its jumping into something unknown, taking risks and subjecting yourself to being criticized.
If you start a creative pursuit with the goal of achieving recognition and respect than you are bound to become afraid if your efforts don't yield results.
Recognition and respect keeps you from experimenting.
The more you focus on recognition and respect, the more scared you become.. the more you run away from a creative pursuit.

Singing, dancing, playing a music instrument, painting, cooking, yoga, exercise, poetry, using clay ... Expressing your creativity in any form is one of the best natural anti-anxiety, anti-depressants and personality improvement techniques in the world.
But remember to indulge in the same with a freedom... without expectation.. and with the joy of enjoying every moment.

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