Fear of Death - a fear that comes from living.

"Mithali (name changed) a 25yr old young lady loves her family the most... Her problem is that she is always concerned that something might happen to her parents.
She constantly gets dreams that they will die in some accident... Her concern has become obsessive, and she checks on their well-being 100 times a day".

"Ali (name changed) is a 45yr old man who is struggling with his business. He is always concerned if something happens to him, who will take care of his wife and children."

"Freddy (name changed) is a 32yr old corporate employee who is working towards his dreams.. he always fears for the life of his wife. Such is his fear, that even on hearing about the death on TV his mind wanders for hours on how helpless he would become if she died!"

These are real people... People from the city of Mumbai who I have met.. and like millions from Mumbai and across the world... Their mind is governed by one of the commonest fears that haunt society... The fear of DEATH!

Human evolution at socio-religious levels has always portrayed Death as a Monster.

I remember, during my Post-graduation in Psychiatry, in my hospital a very famous "spiritual leader" was called to "motivate" an auditorium full of doctors, students and nursing staff...
His talk somehow was centered on the idea - "we should fear death... we should do as much good as we can, before death comes.. and takes life away from us".

I stood up to ask him, "why cann't we just enjoy life within our personal moral rules... why fear death... science tells us, death is a natural phenomenon that will happen to everyone, and a great conclusion to the physiological process... so enjoy life and celebrate death..."

He stood there in shock for a few moments... many of the doctors in the auditorium also got a shock... then he started to cite "spiritual books" to prove his point.
My seniors asked me to keep quite, as NO ONE WAS SUPPOSED TO QUESTION A SPIRITUAL LEADER... IT WAS BAD OMEN!!!

As times has passed, I have read most of the "spiritual books" that old man cited... and I am just amazed at the stupid understanding that he has, and his manipulative behavior to create fear into peoples mind. Even logical people like doctors fear him, cause he has become a "brand".. and because people don't dare to question their "beliefs".

Over the years, I have met hundreds of people who face this fear every day.
I look into their eyes and I can see the need for security that haunts them.

Either they are afraid of loosing their happiness... either they are afraid of loosing the love... either they are afraid of loosing the wealth they have created...
This fear makes them irritable... makes them possessive.. they want to be extremely controlling about everything...
Many would never accept it.. but in the name of LOVE, they actually over-analyze a situation so much that it ends up giving a lot of pain.

One of the cases mentioned in the start of this article, would actually go on calling his relative and asking so many questions...till the relative wouldn't scold him... The scolding was actually a way to bring his anxiety down.

Its not logical for me to say, that one should not be afraid of death.. because till you see death as a monster, you will always fear it.

The count down to Death starts from the moment you where born. Its not in your control... What you can control is -
a. enjoy every single moment in your life.
b. avoid fighting, planning and plotting to give harm to your loved ones...
c. be proud about yourself.. and the life you have lead..
But by being worried about death, you are just doubting everything you have built up.. you are destroying your peace of mind.. and you are moving towards death at a faster pace.

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