Being Emotionally Strong means no one will ask if you'r "okay"

2 emotional ironies I very often come across-

some come and say -
"I am very strong in front of the entire world, but somedays even I feel that someone should ask me if I am ok".

while others come up and say -
"He/she is very strong, we don't need to worry about them.. they will take care of themselves".

Emotional growth is divided in levels... Normal People keep fluctuating between these levels. Sometime at the base and sometimes at the top... Remember all levels are great and naturally perfect... but they are viewed differently by the society.

At the base level are those personalities that require support. This is most crowded place, because everyone at sometime in their life requires support for some emotional trait.

At the highest level are those personalities that seem to be perfect problem solvers. They seem to have solution for every problem posted.  While everyone aims to achieve this state, the closer you get the more you run away from it.
This is the loneliest of all levels. Here nobody is concerned about they feel you are capable of handling everything... everyone is just interested in seeking some emotional strength from you. 

As the saying goes - The higher you rise, the lonelier it gets.

If you can enjoy the loneliness then this stage is perfect.. but if you cannot enjoy the loneliness then this stage can be disastrous... because you have to pretend to be happy and strong.
The more you pretend, the more you hurt your subconscious mind.
The more restlessness you create.
The more negative energy is thrown into the universe.

Its important to follow your own nature.
Its important to accept the basic of your personality.
Its important to be happy and celebrate whatever traits you have.

No trait is wrong... and no trait is there to be ashamed of.

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