There was a young Preacher who was a great preacher and serious practitioner of religious rules and regulations.

He had spent many years gaining religious knowledge, and slowly started feeling he was more "enlightened and gifted" than others.

Over a time his sermons shifted from detailed discussions on spiritual growth to Question and Answer sessions where He would instigate individuals to question him, and he would not rest till he "destroyed" that individuals beliefs.

As he grew in stature, he started inducing FEAR in peoples minds. He would make them believe only he and he could lead them to the righteous path of "salvation".

If you followed him, In the "name of god", he would give you "valid" religious justifications for stealing, killing and destroying others property... And if you didn't follow him, even feed a hungry person was looked upon as Sin.

He knew and made use of Social conditioning that teaches one the false believe that "questioning or going against a Learned man will lead you to hell"...

Slowly his ego became so high that he even questioned the teachings of his own teachers and masters.

One day, he came across a very beautiful woman. From the first look he couldn't stop thinking about her beauty. He spent days trying to get her out of his mind.
He would search for her during his sermons, he would roam in streets looking for her... Every moment his mind was getting more and more fixed on her.

One day he saw her in a garden. Forgetting he was going for a sermon, he left everything and ran towards her.
He introduced himself with all his might and wanted to create a wonderful impression on the lady.

He expressed his love and affection towards her, and asked her for marriage...

The lady immediately refused.

He got enraged, he couldn't accept rejection. He started quoting big religious books to induce guilt and fear inside the lady.

To his surprise, she didn't care, and walked out of the garden, laughing and amused at the encounter.

He was extremely disturbed by this reaction... How can he be rejected? How can a lady from his own community, own belief system, own religion refuse his love?
Was she a crazy woman who didn't know his fame, might and power?
Had he hurried in expressing his love?
Was he losing his power to convince people?
Was this a test from god?

He spent the next 3 days and 3 nights using all his knowledge to give himself a lot of explanations for the "emotional pain he was going through".

Finally when he couldn't take the pain, he went to his Spiritual Teacher for guidance.

As he finished narrating this incident ... To his horror the teacher started laughing loudly... The laughter just didn't stop and the Young Preacher felt more and more insulted...
Being his teacher he had to keep quiet, but his eyes grew red in anger.

Nearly half an hour later, his teacher stopped laughing and looked at the young preachers BLOOD RED eyes..

"Do you know what your problem is? Your problem is that YOU ARE WORSE THAN A CLOWN!"

The Young Preacher was shocked!!!!
"Sir, how can you say such a thing?! How can I be worse than a clown?
I spread the name of god to so many people... I help thousands and millions to follow the right path of god... The path you only taught me.... and you say I am worse than a Clown?"

His teacher, turned his back towards the Preacher... and slowly started walking away... before that he said - "A clown LOVES to see people laugh... A clown LOVES to give others happiness... A clown teaches one to detach from your sorrows and experience the bliss of happiness for even a few seconds...
You my young friend? You feel disturbed when another person laughs.
You feel disturbed when others enjoy without your permission.
You feel sad when things are not done as per your command.

That lady rightly rejected you because she seeks LOVE from a partner.. not a Ego-fueled, possessive Man who calls himself Lover.

So Tell me, are you not worse than a clown?"

The Preacher got tears in his eyes... He suddenly realized the burden he created by letting EGO dominate his mind...
He realized all his fame, name and power came from "quoting what great philosophers have written" but not from "experiencing it".

He laughed loudly at his "stupid" self... And bowed to his master, who happily walked back into his abode.

written by - 

Dr.Hemant Mittal
(Psychiatrist,Motivational Writer/Speaker and Counselor)

email - eksoch@gmail.com
website - http://mindmantra.in/services.html

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