10 things that attracts guys !!!

2011, the generation has shifted. While the battle with conservatives continues, the new breed of youngsters is "emotionally and physically" much more evolved. Specially when we talk about urban areas like Mumbai and Delhi.

Having a boyfriend or a girlfriend is today a necessity rather than an achievement. 
One of the most common things many girls ask me regarding personality development is "how to attract guys".

1. Shinning Face.

When a guy sees a girl, his eyes automatically look at her face. A glimpse of it and his subconscious mind automatically tells him whether or not she is pretty for him.

2. Lustrous Hair
Psychological tests have proven the second most common thing that attract guys towards a girl is her hair. Their eyes automatically screen the shine and bounce of the hair. 

3. Body Posture
A girl who carries her head high and stands straight sends a non-verbal message of confidence. It's like your body shouting "Hey you, I’m confident, comfortable and sexy." 
The subconscious mind is very fast in understanding these signals. 
Guys low in confidence or with inferiority complex would find themselves intimidated by such a girl. While they desire her within their fantasizes, they are fearful to approach her. 

4. Friends
Parents always told you how you are judged by the company you keep. Well its exactly true. Most guys while approaching a girl look to her friends to define her personality. They make assumptions about the girl based on them. Many times during the starting phase of a relationship they interact with a girl in the way her friends might do. 

5. Lips
Kissing is the first "move" that symbolizes "affection". So it’s no wonder that one of the things guys notice first is your lips. 

6. What You Carry Around
Believe it or not, your purse and other stuff you take with you reveal a lot about your personality! From the dress you wear, the cell phone you carry, the books you read, etc everything gives a symbol about your personality. 
Most Indian guys don't like a high maintenance girl. They try to settle for one that they perceive to be "Within their budget".

7. The Smile
Every guy likes to have a smiling girl-friend who can light up a tower. 

8. Your Walk.
It’s true that the way a person walks has a big influence on how they are perceived. Walk with purpose, style, and grace. Walk like a lady!

9. Your sexual quotient.
Boys are very simplistic animals. They like a girl who they find beautiful and sexy, and at the same time others find beautiful and sexy. 
It's specially a confidence booster for many guys, who have a low body image of themselves.
A sexual quotient is a developed by feeling sexy. You don't need to be picture perfect, but feel sexy. 
The sexiest ladies in the world are not "porn" stars.. .but women who know how to use their body to flaunt sexiness.

10. Your attitude
Last and the most important thing that a guy notices in a girl is her attitude. A girl might be extremely beautiful but if she is always sad, cribbing and complaining no boy would want to have a long term relationship with her. Similarly a girl might not be very beautiful, but her happiness and peaceful nature can attract hundreds of guys. 

Psychological tests over thousands have proven that Most Guys would love to spend a night with a sexy and slutty women but want a confident, sweet and smiling girl for a long term relationship. 

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