How to be a good and successful Employee?

Everyone wants to be a good employee. Everyone wants appreciation. Though Hard work is essential ingredient, there are few other spices that are needed to make it a delicious dish for the boss.

Here are some tips to get you started:
  • Start with self-trust. It’s hard to trust others if you don’t trust yourself. Lack of self-trust is a precursor to distrusting others. Can you count on yourself to deliver what you say you will? Can you trust your motives, intentions, impulses and judgment? The most important relationship you have is with yourself.
  • Keep knowledge. It's always good to keep knowledge what is happening around you. This makes you aware before taking any move. Keep your eyes and ears open to all examples of untrustworthy people, broken promises, and trust-busting actions in your work space.
  • Politics, the tricky ground - Everyone indulges into some politics at work. A simple negative comment against the boss can become a fire that was accidentally started. Lobbying for a promotion can become a matter of ego. Play politics only till the level you are comfortable. Because the moment you become over-confident and let your guard lose, someone will hit you really hard!!!
  • Don't thrown a stone before checking your own personality. It's so easy to pass the blame game. In fact 90% time that's what saves many. If you get on the wrong side of the same, remember a day you also indulged in the same. So either become accountable or chose dishonesty.. but which ever path you chose don't believe it cann't be breached.
  • Create Power - People work for people, not for companies. Forget all those rosy words you learnt in corporate training after joining the job. Forget all the talk about dedication for the company.. Look at the realistic picture, you are working for your boss. And your boss is working for his boss. The only way to create power is by creating trusting relationships, practicing "effective communication" and making yourself emotionally strong to fire-fight any problem

Remember you can influence the environment and those who work for you. That might not leave a major impact on your boss, but will open a few doors full of opportunity, peace and happiness.

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  1. Sir i am having stressful relation at work place with my intermediate boss , should i give him some gifts etc to keep him soft and considerate .

  2. giving him gifts will make him greedy and he might start taking you for granted.
    though it would be better option to know each other by going together for dinners.
    this helps to increase interaction and know each other..
    you might need to pay a few times to satisfy his ego, but its better.