The ShahRukh Khan Mantra

I was recently asked by a company to conduct a "Motivational" talk for some of their fresher Employees. Like in most such cases, the HR (human resource) department was very clear with their requirements.

I still remember the HR guy calling me a few days before and saying,
"Well Doc, we pride in being one of the very few Multinational companies that like to employ freshers. While the market standard requires 1-2yrs of experience, we believe in harnessing and cultivating talent from the beginning. As you will understand, we require them to be completely motivated to face the challenges ahead and build a long term relationship with us".

For those who would like me to simplify what he meant - "We hire freshers because they come cheap. We want them to work as much as we demand them too. And we don't want them leaving our company before a year or two atleast. So please do something!!"

One amazing thing about freshers is that they are loaded with energy. A fresher is the embodiement of youth. He/she puts everything into work because they feel they can change the system and also have the need to impress everyone with their ability. A fresher is also a great learner. He/She understands the system and when time comes, might decide to make a quick move towards a higher plane.

My job was to channelize this energy and youthfulness. Give it a direction.

Of the 3hr workshop I had with them, one part was to help them find a real life example of positive energy channelization and success... Thou I couldn't think of any better example that the hindi film actor Shah Rukh Khan. 

It's known that Shahrukh Khan has made it to the top the tough way. While preparing this module, I stumbled upon a write up on Shahrukh Khan. There was a quote on his struggle.

ShahRukh Khan - "I slept on a bench for a week and borrowed Rs.20/. everyday from a friend to travel to film city" 

Then I thought, In that one week he might have thought of quitting at least a 1,000 times... 

How many times have you quit before giving it a 1000 thoughts???

Then again I analysed the statement and I realized, 
In that moment, when he was sleeping on a bench, what must be going through is mind. It's only if you have the virtues of Perseverance, patience and positivity that you can fight those moments of despair. 

It's so important to understand, that which you start working, only 2% people are happy... The rest fight stress, sadness and worries about the future every single day.

In such a scenario its important to understand you cannot be positive all the time and every single ounce of negativity is taking you closer to your goal.. Remember:

Every successful man has thought of quitting at least for once.

Every successful man has lost his patience more than once.

Every successful man has failed more than once.

Every successful man has thought more about negativity than positivity.

If there is so much negatives, how could they succeed... because they persevered with goal in mind, saw every failure as an opportunity to fight back and focused on achieving their want at all costs.

Dr.Hemant MittaL
(MBBS, PG.DPM, M.D.(Mind Mantra Wellness Concepts - Mumbai))

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