How to Chose the Perfect Skin Product?


Looks have always been an essential part of the Indian Social System. From the early vedic descriptions of God's and goddesses looks have always been given a lot of importance.

In recent years Multinational companies have realized the importance of the same and launched a great variety of products. Of the entire range of products, one set which has been extremely well accepted nationally has been that of Skin Care.

The most unfortunate part is that majority of buyer's don't know how to chose the right skin care product for themselves. These all being chemical and allopathic products, subject the user to long term skin problems.

When asked this question the 3 most common answers where:
By packaging,
The celebrity endorsing them
Friends recommendation.
There is a 99% chance that nor your friend nor the celebrity who endorses a product have the same skin type as you. So instead of gaining confidence, by exposing yourself to harmful side-effects you might be building a trap for inferiority complex and negativity.

Ideally you supposed to keep the following in mind while buying a quality skin care product:

1. Listen to your skin!!
You need a product that suits your skin, not your friends skin. If you have a dry skin, your friend might have an oily one. So how can a single product work for both. 
First listen to what your skin tells you... Figure out if it is oily, dry or normal?
Secondly keep in mind if you have any skin problems like acne, blackheads or patchy skin?
Because while buying a product make sure it doesn't cause irritation of the skin and increase acne, or patchy skin .
A face wash might eventually give you more acne or pimples if used with the wrong skin type.

2. Test the product!!!This is a very western concept, not practiced much in India. A small sample of the product is used over a patch of skin to find its suitability. For this you can buy a small pack of a given product. If it helps that patch of skin within 5days then its effective. This helps to prevent unnecessary wastage of money and time in buying products that don't suit you.

3. Natural products are always better. Money and cost of a product are huge determinants while buying a product. Most people don't think about the harmful industrial chemicals they are buying in name of cheap skin care products. It's only after they get subjected to unwanted rashes, black patches, pimples, etc that they curse themselves.
Natural products are always better and have less or no side-effects. 
Try to buy more herbal and hand-made products, than processed products.

4. Boost your mind and body.
Most products don't show positive effect, because a person keeps harboring negativity and inferiority complex in his/her mind.
If your mind is full of thoughts, negativity and sadness, your brain will automatically require more blood for functioning. Since the face and skin being are extremely well supplied in blood, it will automatically draw it from them. Leaving the skin dry and with less blood. Because of this there is lesser absorption of skin care products from the skin/ face producing no effective change.

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