A Broken Heart - the pain of a failed relationship

When Manish and Nita (names changed) finally broke their 4yrs committed relationship, they both had many difficulties coping with the same. Nita met me 2 weeks after the incident,
“The first 3 days I was numb. I was just emotionless, a strange hollow. Then I realized we had finally broken off, I just couldn’t help myself I broke down. I couldn’t breathe, I fell short of air. I ran into the bathroom, threw the door shut behind me. I didn’t want anyone to see me. I couldn’t keep the tears from coming no matter how many times I washed my face and squeezed my eyes. The pain in my chest just grew. It was horrible, harsh and it kept hitting me blow by blow until I collapsed on the floor.”
She continued...
“It’s been 2 weeks, I have had so many friends telling me how to Move On... but it’s impossible. I still miss him. I also know I cannot go back to him. I still wait for him to call. If he would call today, I would forgive him for all that has happened.”
With tears down her cheeks, a big frown and sadness all over her face,
“Please help me!!! I don’t want to go through this pain... It’s killing me.... I go to office every morning and put a brave front but I feel so helpless from inside. I just want someone to read my mind and understand how fearful I really am”
Surviving a major relationship failure is one of the toughest events in an individual’s life. Nita is a perfect example. And a great majority carry the sadness to their death.
5 survival tips everyone gives you...
1.      Forget it!! There is so much to look ahead in life!
2.      Create a routine, keep yourself busy throughout the day
3.      Meet New people
4.      Look towards religion/faith healers for the answers.
5.      You’re not the first person this has happened to, learn from others who are now living a “better” life.

And 5 things they forget to mention:
1. Forget it!! there is so much to look ahead in life! – But what happens to all the emotional energy you had invested in imaging life with that “special” one person.
2.  Create a routine, keep yourself busy throughout the day  -  But what to do when you come back home or when you have free time? Because at that time the thoughts hit you back.
3.   Meet New people- But what to do when you compare everyone you meet with your ex.
4.   Look towards religion/faith healers for the answers.- But what if your mind is unable to accept “that it was your destiny” when you just keep asking “why me”..
5.  You’re not the first person this has happened to, learn from others who are now living a “better” life. – But what if your personality, your social condition, your entire life is not a carbon copy of others... What if others might have not been so sensitive, caring and involved in life... What if they didn’t feel the same pain as you did... So how can you compare your life to them!!!

A broken relationship leaves a permanent image in your subconscious mind. Till you don’t target that image, your mind will never be free of restlessness, old memories and sadness.
I can guarantee that You can again become the strong person you where before!
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