Why does God Never Answer My prayers?

"Why does God Never Answer My prayers?"
Answer- Because You Don't Let him!!!

If there is one phrase that symbolizes the physical manifestation of subconscious sadness, hopelessness and helplessness this would be it.
I have lost count to how many times a patient has broken down into tears and asked this same question with a dark aura of sadness and hopelessness!

I find it quite ironic that people ask me this question. That's because 99% people who decide to visit a psychiatrist specially in India have actually exhausted all their resources in search of this answer. They have consulted multiple Baba's, faith healers, Swami's, Peer's, Priests, etc.. They have spent extensive time and money on performing rituals. They have consulted an army of doctors. Finally, tired and exhausted, disappointed and sad,  with a heart loaded with resentment, they visit a psychiatrist.

Ironically modern day psycho-analysis and psychiatry is like meditation. A good practitioner of this craft, slowly with experience becomes a subconscious mind reader. A 30min interaction can covey all answers and many solutions. 

If you take a wrong turn while driving, than the logical step is to take a u-turn and find your way back. Unfortunately while driving their soul through the highway of life, most people are just interested in asking why did I take that turn? how could I take that turn?

The easiest entity to be questioned, blamed and looked into for a solution is GOD.

The higher the sadness one has in his/heart, the greater the reliance on god to solve it. As time passes by and  things don't happen as "prayed", many loose faith in him. The reasons why god might not be answering your prayers is:

1. "I dream of genie" - Wouldn't it be amazing that you had a "genie" under your control? Just a blink of the eyes and everything solved.
Want a glass of water - blink
want a perfect date - blink
want loads of money - blink
want to become your boss - blink

Everyone thinks god is a genie.. One "blink" and all pain is gone... so try to bribe him... Every religious ritual is done with just one thought "let all pain go away, give ME all the happiness".

He does listen to your prayers, but that doesn't mean he has to answer them immediately.

2. Time Machine - If you couldn't get a genie... no problem, at least there should be a "time machine"..
One "click" of the button to happy times
back to happy times with my parent - click
back to happy times in my relationship - click
back to happy times with my kids - click

After constant bribing when god fails to behave like a genie the next step is to want him become a "time machine".. just take you back to those wonderful times... doesn't matter if everyone else around you has changed...for your sake, he should pack everyone and take them back into that time.

It's extremely difficult for many to accept change. God might have put you in a better place than a few weeks, months or years ago... but longing for a bygone era is rigidity of mind.

3. Slave to Unhappiness -  The human mind is an extremely dangerous and complex weapon. When used against the self, it can practically destroy every single cell of peace and happiness present in the body.

Every year thousands consult me for solution to their unhappiness. A few never come out of their situation because they are addicted to unhappiness.

I know that 60% of people who seek the answer to this question, after reading this article will still keep searching for it. Why? Because your minds are slaves to unhappiness. Your minds lives and strives on  dangerous psychological loops where sadistic "happiness" is achieved by re-living the sad and tormentous past. It just keeps adding new levels of sadness.

I am no spiritual guru but I understand subconscious, conscious mind better than else. I know the secrets and power of channelizing energy into the right direction. And I also know the power of channelizing it negatively.  

Why does God never Answer your Prayers?
Because you don't let him!!!

For once let yourself break the bounds of negativity... For once let yourself experience the hidden power inside you.. For once let yourself be FREE!!! and I guarantee you will not just experience but your will become a source of Happiness which others have only desired... You will have the Midas touch, anyone who comes near you will become happy...

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  1. Thank you hemantbhai, i can't believe my fortunes are changing so fast since i mailed u for the first time a month back, My life had taken a wrong turn but yes, i did't & i m much happier now. Still there r a lot of challenges to overcome but i have found the right way to overcome the challenges. thank u very much.

  2. this article realy helped me a lot!!! though m always an optimistic thinker, bt u knw sumtyms ther r sum situations wer u feel "y did i do dis" or "if i had not done dis...". bt ur article realy helped me 2 accept change as it is. thnx a lot!!!

  3. awesum article!!! realy helped me a lot 2 undrstnd my various lyf situations n 2 undrstnd dat change is d law of lyf n i hav 2 move on nw... thnx a lot!!!