Battling the effects of Black Magic?

Whenever something goes wrong in Life, most people turn to find reasons for why it has happened.
A great majority find this to be because of the effects of "evil-eye" or "black magic" that someone has done on you.

Every year I meet hundreds of such people who have met thousands of astrologers, thousands of sages, thousands of "white magic" practitioners but still the effect of Black magic remains?

The reason is that people forget the basics... If you believe that black magic exists.. than you surely believe that god exists... If you believe that god exists... Than you surely believe that god is present in every living person... That ways god is present inside of you... then I would like to remind you, that you have the most powerful positive energy in the universe, sitting idle in your heart.
You are just wasting it !!!

No matter how many "solutions" you seek for the "black magic".. you will never "Cure" it... till you don't awaken that "God" in your heart.

People come and tell me things like,
I give money to poor, but still god doesn't help me.
I have helped so many people in their life, but still I suffer
I have never abused or thought bad of anyone, still I get this problem.

I question them, what have you done for yourself?
Instantly, they say "I'm not selfish"..

to which I laugh...

If you believe that god exists in every person.. and you decide to help those who are in need.. then why don't you see that there is god inside of you.

Your own god also needs love and appreciation.

So probably its time you awaken the God inside of you.

How to awaken the God inside of you?
1. love yourself.. not for your looks or how much money, power, fame you have... love yourself because you have a part of god inside of you.

2. thank god for finding yourself worthy to carry a part of him, inside your heart.

3. Care for god - the god in your heart needs to be cared... Care about yourself, with a lot of love... and automatically you end up loving him and caring for him.

4. Nourish God - We need food to be energetic, so nourish the god inside you... His food is positivity... Spend 10-15 minutes a day, reading or watching something positive... let that positivity go directly be for the god in your heart.

5. slowly slowly as you feel more connected with god.. feel his power take away any black magic cast upon you.

You are the greatest source of energy in the universe... Just recognize it

Dr.Hemant Mittal (Neuro-Psychiatrist and counselor)
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