Vengeance - The never ending mental restlessness

Vengeance - The never ending mental restlessness

For many people "Vengeance" is the way of life... And I get to meet all kinds of vengeance...
from vengeance against parents -
"my parents always favored my younger/elder siblings.. I will show them one day"

to lovers -
"he left me for the other woman, I will make sure he repents it"
"she just left me for other man, I will make sure both of them repent it"

to friends/society-
"my office workers feel I am not competent, when I become the boss I will teach everyone the lesson".
"people always said I was bad performer, know I will show them who I am"

Good Part of Vengeance it destroys procrastination and gives you a goal.

The negative part.. its destroys you!!!
It drags you into a never ending thought of "how, when, where will I prove myself"
You are always slave to the "approval" and "appreciation" of others...
As you are not able to achieve your goals instantly, you start to load yourself with guilt...
You superficially show everyone that you are a very strong person.. And this "show" is through negative action, anger and trying to win every argument... but inside when you are alone.. you know there is something missing.. you are sad!!!

Osho was a great master who said.. Courage is the power to love the unknown...
Certainly the greatest unknown most people have is self...

You don't know your ownself... And the day you have the courage to love the self unconditionally, you will forget what others say or did about you... because you will no longer be slave to others "approval" or "appreciation"

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