Continuous worrying thoughts that don't leave the mind.

Ajay Devgan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Priyanka Chopra,  and Amitabh Bachchan have confessed to have different degrees of it.

Extreme mental restlessness or fear for a specific issue/situation is one of the most common emotional issues which 90% people never seek help for.

Medicines are just helpful, they aint the ultimate cure.

Why is this extreme mental restlessness very disturbing -
1. Constant repetition or recurrence of either thoughts/image regarding a specific person/issue or situation. The individual knows that trigger of this recurrence will lead to extreme feeling of anger, irritation and mental distress.

2. these are thousand times more than simple worries about life... They continuously keep affecting the brain and leading to irritation, loss of sleep, loss of concentration, loss of desires and intense anger.

3. A person puts in all efforts to ignore, suppress, or neutralize these thoughts but fails on the same.

4. Most people Recognize this to be a product of their own mind.. but are unable to control it.
Many get addicted to it.. and find happiness in the same... It takes one away from the real world.

5. Once the irritation or anger enters the mind, one is compelled to behave in certain ways to drive it out... Hitting or fighting with loved ones, driving reckless, drinking excessively, smoking excessively... all these later create extreme guilt.

6. More than a few months of such an emotional and behavioral pattern leads an individual to develop either fear, negativity, decreased self-worth, introvert lifestyle, sadness and/or loneliness.

The most common thoughts that intrude a persons mind and cause such are -
1. traumatic events from childhood - excess physical beating, extreme embarrassment.
2. traumatic events where one has been humiliated or ill-treated by parents, in-laws or spouse.
3. sexual thoughts - specially about known and unknown people of the opposite gender...
Also masturbating with the thought of someone other than spouse leads to extreme guilt and irritation against self.
4. Extreme need for cleaning and putting things in a specific order.
5. multiple washing hands or taking bath for fear of contamination
6. fear of dying or getting some disease that will kill you.

Cure ?
a. Acceptance that a single thought or series of thoughts is troubling you -
accepting you have a thought related problem is a sign of strength... It shows you want to live a positive and healthy life.
Strength and happiness comes from understanding that there is some change needed.
Without acceptance no other step is possible. And a person will just be entangled in those thoughts for his life time.

b. once you have accepted that you are a progressive and smart individual.. You will cure yourself and lead a happy life.. then comes identifying the core problems and how they generated.

take a pen and paper... write down all your thoughts.. and find out were they originated from.

c. Forgive and let go...
meditate every day for 21 days... let go of the past.. and accept a new future..

d. talk to a counselor/psychiatrist in your area.
many times your problem is so deep in your subconscious mind that you cannot reach for the solution.
even a single session with a good psychiatrist/counselor can help you see the solution and move ahead.

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