Valentines Day and The power of self.

Valentines Day is finally here... Love is in the air... and People are running around to make it a perfect day!!!

Since a few days I have received a lot of emails and met many people at the clinic, who are super anxious about today??

Will She say yes?
Will he make it a perfect day for me?
Will we re-ignite our love today?
I wonder if he/she will like my gift?
What is the best way to impress a girl?
Hope my husband isn't busy with work, and we can have a great romantic dinner together?

Its amazing the amount of emotions attached to this day... Thou at a lighter note, it makes me feel that instead of Love being in the air.. its more fear that you will able to stand-up to "expectations". 
This makes the game even tougher.

Then there is another set of people who I have connected with, who are "psychologically" single and feel this is the saddest day in their life.

What should I do.. I want someone to love me... I hate spending Valentines Alone?
All my friends are have super plans with their spouses/partners, I am alone, I am a loser?
My husband doesn't care for me, he has no plans/gift for Valentines, I feel live is so love-less and vacant?
Does Love really exist, cause in this relationship I have only seen submission and no appreciation... Not even on Valentines?

It's amazing, because I see them and wonder, there is so much love around and they just not focusing on it.

Its an amazing feeling to love and be loved... and Valentines is the day you should enjoy this feeling to the fullest.. But before going there, one should learn the meaning of love.

Today You may have a valentine or you may not have one... 
You may have made the best plans or you may have no plans... 
You may or may not be excited by the day...

But for sure if you don't understand the deeper meanings of love... your day will surely turn out sad.. and this will leave a feeling of sadness in your mind.

Love for me is like a sea... Its eternal.. its infinite.. it just exists all over.. 

1. Self-Love - the greatest gift you can give yourself, your loved one and the entire world ... is self-love.
Love yourself.. not for your looks or the amount of money or power you have.. but love yourself because you have a heart and are full of emotions.
Look into the mirror and say "i love you' to yourself.
Repeat it many times.
Once you start feeling that love for self... you will feel how positive your approach towards everything in life.
So love yourself.

2. Self-Trust - When i get to "read the mind" of many of those who I meet at the clinic, I find they are very scared... Because of this they don't trust anyone.. 
Unfortunately they stop trusting themselves also.
They start blaming self for lot of problems. 
Once you love yourself... then also trust yourself.. Trust that every single decision you take will be for spreading love.

3. Don't have superficial love - A lady came to me for counseling, she said she was so loving for everyone in her life... the very next moment her fone ran and her driver informed her that he had "banged" the car.
Within a second she was ranting insults in hindi and english which I had not even heard of.

A few days ago, as I was closing the clinic, I saw an old man walk by. I had never seen the guy before.. and he could be easily confused with some fakir. It was astonishing, suddenly street dogs standing nearly 500meters away ran towards him and hugged him.
He didn't feed them, he wasn't know to them.. it was as if he was just feeding them with the sweet nectar of love.

Learn to genuinely love... let love go down in your heart and you will find that you are never alone.

4. Don't fall prey of "marketing tricks" - Valentines day is special.. but people have "learnt" it to be "special" because thousands of companies do billions of rupees worth of business on this day.
They use the most powerful psychological messages through advertisement to "hypnotize" your mind into believing that only Valentines Day is the day of love.
I remember that initially it would be advertised as a day to spread love.
Now its advertised as a day of love between couples.

There is no day for love... Love is eternal.. its there in every moment.. ... if you can feel the love.. then every single day in the year is a Valentine Day.


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