Constantly Blaming for infidelity?

Some individuals are infidels by nature. They eventually end up mentally and sexually cheating upon their partner.
But at the same time there are some individuals, who are so insecure about a relationship that they "wrongly" believe that their partner is cheating or planning to cheat upon them.
Such is their obsession, that they -

1. Often make repeated accusations of infidelity based on insignificant or minimal evidence, often citing seemingly normal or everyday events or material to back up their claim.

2. They also take great pains to test their partner's fidelity and can go to considerable lengths to monitor their behavior and movements.
For example- They might require minute to minute detail of their partner, they call or sms hundreds of times, and might even contact “private-detectives”.

3. It starts with what seems as cute possessive behavior, but it can move into violent outburst of emotions. Episodes of verbal or physical abuse are common.

Their subconscious anxiety is relieved by emotional, verbal or physical outburst.. this eventually leads to guilt.. and they come back pleading sorry, promising it won't happen again.

4. Their mind is in constant preoccupation with this topic. Their thought and talk is always related to the same. They might suffer concentration, memory and/or sleep loss because of the same.


1. The high insecurity is a sign of extreme restlessness that over-powers them.
They have to build trust in first themselves.
They always look at their partner for emotional and physical support, so are very scared of losing this support.
This fear makes them restless.
They need to develop Self-love.. Self-respect...

2. Positive confidence building exercises - rejoice small activities like vacations, going out shopping and helping each other.
Communication might not be as much as you want it too be, but the confidence of being loved by your partner should come from you.. and this should take away the negativity of fear of losing them.

3. Never depend so much on any one that they control your life... Not even your partner.. Always have some level of independence which you respect and carry.
Relationships are for two people to co-exist and create something beautiful.. but that doesn't mean that you lose your individuality in the same.

4. if there has been previous episode of "emotional or physical" cheating by your partner.. then you should analyze yourself.
You should know how much are you willing to forgive.
we all can forgive.. but have certain levels for the same.
know your level of forgiveness and make sure the partner knows about your forgiveness.
Together have to work upon it.
There will be "slips" when the past will come back to hunt.. Both have to fight it out together..
A slip doesn't mean that it cannot be overcomed.

5. If the restlessness doesn't leave you, and above techniques are too difficult to apply... consult a psychiatrist/counselor.
Sometimes a neutral person might be able to find some changes in you.. that can bring happiness back to your life.

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