Cherophobia is the fear of fun/happiness

What are the causes?
1. history of extreme traumatic events - sudden death of family/friend, sudden loss of financial support, sexual abuse - rape,
2.  heredity or genetics
3.  a traumatic experience at an early age.
4. major clinical depression
5. extreme mind restlessness
6. schizophrenia
7. extreme amount of guilt and resentment against self and society

What are the symptoms?
symptoms depend on the grade of fear experience. The grade of fear depends on upon -

1. Mild to moderate type of fear when - knowning that the individual will be exposed to a happy or joyful situation in the future, fear and extreme restlessness starts to develop in the mind.
being exposed to a the symptoms vary by person depending on their level of fear.

2. Moderate to severe fear - On suddenly being exposed to a happy situation, extreme fear or restlessness arises.

The fear and restlessness translate into the following physical symptoms -
a. extreme anxiety - mind bombarded with thousands of thoughts, the predominant on how to avoid this situation.

b. panic - shortness of breath, rapid breathing, irregular heartbeat, sweating, excessive sweating, nausea, dry mouth, nausea, inability to articulate words or sentences, dry mouth and shaking. .

c. extreme restlessness - person not able to sit at one place, and he/she runs away from the situation.

1. Combination therapy-
a. started with anti-anxiety medications to help combat the anxiety episodes
b. Behavioral therapy - how to behave in such situations
c. counseling - on the rational and irrational part of the thought

2. Venting out -
most such individuals come with history of extreme traumatic situations.
Proper venting out is needed for it.
many of them keep bottling up the guilt, anger and resentment against self and society for ages.
This leads to lack of self-love, want for vengence, and feeling of worthlessness.
This complex subconscious fortress has to be broken, to let out a newly and powerful psyche.

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