40% women dump their boyfriends because their friends don't like them

interesting psychological study found that 40% of women would consider dumping a boyfriend if her friends didn’t like him.

This means if you want to be in a long term relationship, you have to be in the good books of her friends.

My viewpoint -  as a psychiatrist I get to see a lot of cases where break-ups happen because of the influence friends have on a person.
Its really sad, that people don't realize the great chemistry they have and let it go, because of the approval or questioning by friends.
This just shows how scared, restless and gullible an individual is... He/she is afraid of his own happiness.
A free individual takes his/her own decisions. Doesn't rely on others. Accepts success and failure are his/her own.
That makes you strong enough to battle any pain in life.

Dr.Hemant Mittal
Psychiatrist and Motivational Writer

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