The Rich Man who lost everything

Once upon a time their was a very rich Man. He had everything he wanted. Money, fame and power.
The only thing he craved was for “peace of mind”.

He feared what all he had was lost one day...

He had a very big house, and at night would sit and drink in the garden till he fell asleep.

Every night he would see towards the servants room, and listen to the sound of deep sleep.
Every morning he would see them smiling.

He would get very envious of them...

One day he confided to his wife about this envy... She laughed and said... if you are so envious give one of your servants 50 thousand rupees worth of gold and see how they change.

The very next day, he called the youngest of all servants and in front of all the other servants gave him "50 thousand rupees worth of gold"

A few days later he noticed how the servants were fighting between them.
How they stopped smiling and laughing.
How they looked at each other in anger.
How they stopped being at peace.

When he saw them like this, He felt very good... He felt powerful.. that night he laughed and singed.. and slept very peacefully.

A few days later he again started feeling as before. Again craving for peace of mind... Again fear and depression took over him.

This time he looked towards his wife... he felt envious of her... how could she sleep so peacefully when he was restless, sad and awake.

He got drunk, woke her up and verbally abused her... He kept telling her faults till she didn't start crying.
Once she started crying, he felt very good... and went to sleep.
Next morning he apologized and cursed the alcohol for his behavior.

He did this for 20 days... everytime he would abuse her till she didn't cry... then only he would feel happy and go to sleep.
Next morning he would blame the alcohol for the same.

The wife was a very shrewd woman... One the 21st day, as soon as he started to abuse her... she walked out of the house, with the same servant who he had given 50 thousand rupees worth of gold.

Suddenly the rich man found himself lost.. he couldn't understand why his wife walked out.. she was "his" wife.. its her job to please her husband... this was blasphemy.
His mind lost touch with reality... he wondered why did she walk out with that same servant he had given the reward too... Was this her plan.. Did she already know what he was thinking.. Did she manipulate him...

The man kept thinking and drinking.. thinking and drinking... Anger over-took him.. he now wanted to kill both of them... he got into his car and drove all over the city...

at 7am in the morning, drunk, angry and depressed he ramped his car into a truck at the speed of 100kmph.

He woke up 25 days later from coma to find that one hand was paralyzed and face was disfigured.

Unable to talk properly he kept crying and telling the doctor - I have lost everything.. I have lost everything... please kill me..

his wife came to visit him and told him -
"you lost everything because you always wanted to show others down... you never accepted and cherished what you had...
I came to tell you, I haven't cheated you... I have sent that servant to go back home, so he doesn't have to bear the hatred and anger of the other servants. A hatred and anger that you created.

I have just come to tell you, I am not coming back into your life... But I wish this downfall teaches you too live every moment of life."


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Dr.Hemant Mittal
Psychiatrist and Motivational Writer

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