You love to judge people.. and then will quietly believe in the delusion that "you don't judge".
I met a manipulator once who would say "i don't judge" in front of his friend.... but standing outside carter road, would call a bihari autowala as a "burden on Mumbai".. And then he would quietly say, I don't judge.

People love to make delusionals statements.. and unfortunately lesser intelligent ones fall for them and also make belief of the same.

One of the most delusional statement to roam around is the use of the word "childish".

This judgement routine is so common -
one friend commenting on other - "he is so childish"

a boyfriend commenting on his girlfriend - "she is so childish"

a father on his child - "she is 26yr, yet so childish"

a wife on her husband - "he is 35yr, yet so childish"

It sometimes so funny, because in most cases its like one beggar telling the other - you are a beggar.

People are even more stupid, because they equate their "experience" in life to "how mature" they are.

I have met people who say - "Don't dare me.. you can never compare to my level of maturity.. you don't know the pain I have gone through"...

hahahaha.. they make me laugh, because they are just gaining sympathy for their poor acting.

Maturity is destructive. Maturity is a delusional. Maturity will kill you. Maturity is against the nature of happiness.

I know people who want to visit a new restaurant every day... who want to wear new clothes every day... who want to live in a different fashion every single day...
who will wait for weekends to party out...
who will suddenly break into a dance...

And they call this maturity.

I am sorry, but psychology has proven that its an internal child wanting to manifest himself.
Its a child that was suppressed and still wants to live it out.
Why because a mature person is looking for long term comfort zones... not short lived happiness.

A child is the peak of innocence, simplicity and pure in his intentions... if he wants attention he makes sure you give him.. if he wants to feel "big" he demands for it.
A child is always changing.. always running around and creating something new.
A child can play with 2 pieces of stone for hours, and the very next moment forget about them and move ahead.
A child is curiosity, love for the moment....
a child adjusts to whatever he gets... even if his basic needs are met he is happy.. he learns to tell his brain move ahead in life.

A child is the most powerful form of love.
Its an irony but Every single motivational and spiritual book directly or indirectly, talks about loving like a child.

Its an irony that 75% people want to relive their teenage and childish years again.

Its an irony that people spend millions to remain "young"

Still you use "childish" as an adjective to describe negative traits.
You use "childish" to label someone as bad.

Your mind is clouded because you love to judge.
You still want to believe in the delusion that "you don't judge".

You love to suppress your emotions.. You feel if you accept there is something negative in you, you will become a lesser person.
And the moment you suppress you automatically become negative.

I will give you an example -

I once met a manipulator who would prey on women going through tough emotional time - he would say "a man and woman can love each other.. love has no definitions.. you can be my girl-friend.. my sister.. my mother... all in one...and i will have the same respect for you always".

Lets accept it.. Who wouldn't like a man like that... a man who is ready to give so much love... but then people never saw he was just words... I saw how insecure he was.. he was just looking for someone to depend on... He was no substance, he just spoke and spoke out of restlessness and anxiety.

But then He was a "very mature man".. because  he was diplomatic, political and extremely selfish.
He used the most powerful of all weapons - words and stories...
He wanted someone to depend on, so he would manipulate a woman's mind so she just believes in the type of "love" he wanted them to believe in..

He used words to entice and make slaves. And women fell for him, because they felt they were "helping him out.. and learning from him".
They never realized.. he was using them.. he was satisfying his own insecurities and just giving them stories after stories.

Now everyone likes to hear a story... Everyone likes to tell a story... Isn't that childish,, but then he was mature.. and used to label others as childish.
i saw how many of these woman lost the most important things in their life. They lost relationships, money, innocence, grace and their beauty..... they became zombies believing that only he can make them happy.

He was so possessive that, he wouldnt let them go... even a few hours of solitude.. and he would feel nervousness... he would shower them with sms ... a woman would fall for it.. she would feel he cares so much.. they never realized how restless he was..
how insecure he was.. how he wanted to be always in contact thru some medium... just to feel secure.

Poor women.. they said he was mature.. but couldnt see how he was manipulating through "role playing".
Its only when reality stuck, would they realize what they have done.. what destruction they have caused in that hypnotic spell.

They could have avoided all this destruction.. if they had accepted the child inside of them.. if they had accepted the negativity inside of them... if they had accepted that through the passage of their childish nature would the mature long term stable life come.

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